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Location Based Entertainment consumer spending is expected to reach $809 million by 2022, but what about from the development perspective…how do business models differ here from the rest of the Games Industry? Are releasing, licensing and creating titles for Arcades really all that much different? And is there a new type of Gamer for whom these titles designed for?

This fireside chat moderated by the LBE Committee’s go to man Charlie Fink, will be asking some of the most recognised Games Studios how they are diversifying their portfolios by offering unique gaming experiences for Out-of-Home Entertainment and how making the move to LBVR compares with developing successful titles for the home consumer market (console, PC, mobile, VR, etc.)?

Schell Games – I Expect You to Die! & Until You Fall

Ubisoft Blue Byte – Escape the lost Pyramid – Assassin's Creed

Vertigo Games – Arizona Sunshine

Webinar expert panel: "Next generation HMDs and the killer app for VR"

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This Friday, the 15th of February at 10am EST / 4pm CET, the European Photonics Industry Consortium will be moderating this VR/AR Association Location-Based Entertainment Committee Panel Discussion that intends to tackle the tough questions of hardware and software for immersive technology.

Both groups have invited key members to discuss the optics and displays that make VR possible in the first place and what it will look in the next generation headsets to come.

Moderated by Jose Pozo, the CTO at EPIC, his guest include:

  • Leland Hedges, Commercial Director at Pico Interactive

  • Marek Polčák, Co-founder at VRgineers

  • Dr. Zine Bouhamri, Market & Technology Analyst at Yole Développement

This webinar highlights not only the future market trends, but also the challenges and successes for the Photonics Industry developing for Virtual Reality headsets. You will also come out with more clearer understanding of the nuts and bolts behind VR. Register for free here (click on Upcoming).

Watch our Webinar recording on Location-Based VR

Watch it here

To have a look through all the slides, answered and follow-up questions from the webinar please have a look at our Google Slides presentation.

The Location-Based Entertainment Committee hosted another stellar cast of panelists. The ensemble of experts with more than 20 years combined experience running location-based entertainment included Daisy Berns (Exit Reality), Will Stackable (SpringboardVR), Ryan Burningham (Virtual Athletic League), and Sebastian Kreutz (Holocafé).

News reports of experiential location-based virtual reality (LBVR) in shopping arcades, theme parks and movie theaters are taking the world by storm. Companies including FoxNext, Zero Latency and Disney's ILMxLab with Star Wars are demonstrating that LBVR is a viable business for investment, which is clearly enticing mainstream consumers to satisfy their VR curiosity. This is demonstrated by the high levels of growth, with consumer spend expected to reach $809M by 2022.

Our go-to moderator Charlie Fink tackled the difficult issues that venues and virtual reality are facing to see profitable margins in these businesses. The deep dive explored everything from operations and marketing to pricing and throughput. Other hot topics the group examined is infrastructure and real estate. Watch this recording if you are interested in tapping the projected consumer spend of $809M in the next couple years.

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LBVR: The Nuts & Bolts of Location Based Virtual Reality

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 1.57.46 PM.png

The Location-Based Entertainment Committee is following up on its Free Roam VR webinar with another stellar cast of panelists lined-up for Halloween! The ensemble of experts with more than 20 years combined experience running location-based entertainment includes Daisy Berns (Exit Reality), Will Stackable (SpringboardVR), Ryan Burningham (Virtual Athletic League), and Sebastian Kreutz (Holocafé).

Our go-to moderator Charlie Fink will be tackling the difficult issues that venues and virtual reality are facing to see profitable margins in these businesses. The deep dive we will be exploring everything form operations and marketing to pricing and throughput. Other hot topics the group will be examining is infrastructure and real estate. This is a not to be missed session for those interested in tapping the projected consumer spend of $809 million in the next couple years. Join us for what will hopefully be a less than scary look into the world of LBVR!

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Arkave VR officially launched at the VR/AR Global Summit

YDREAMS ARcave.png

Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / October 16th, 2018 – YDreams Global Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: YD) (OTC: YDRMF) (Frankfurt: A2AP0L) (“YDreams” or the “Company”) is pleased to present its October monthly corporate update. Arkave VR continues to grow and develop, working with Intel, MixCast and gets thumbs up from Charlie Fink one of the industry’s most influential voices who writes for Forbes. YDStudio division continues to launch high end projects for well-known brands.

Arkave VR

In September, Arkave VR was officially launched as a turnkey solution at VRARA Global Summit.

YDreams Global would like to thank all the shareholders and investor who visited the booths to learn more about the company, meet the team and tried the game “The Last Squad” by Arkave VR.

The VR/AR Global Summit

“Playing Arkave was one of my favorite experiences of the VR/AR Global Summit. The high-quality level of social gameplay is as good as it gets, and our team has received significant positive feedback from attendees.” said Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder & President, VR/AR Association and VR/AR Global Summit.

This event was critical as it brought together all the strategic players in the VR/AR space which allowed YDreams to build new relationships with leaders in the sector. Arkave VR showcased what is possible in the space and impressed everyone that tried it.

"Y-Dreams free roam VR adventure "The Last Squad" delivers world-class entertainment with this robot wave shooter. I liked so much, I did it twice!” said Charlie Fink - AR/VR Consultant, Columnist at Forbes, Speaker and Author. Arkave getting a positive endorsement from someone as notable and influential as Charlie is in the AR/VR Sector is encouraging beyond belief.

Intel and Arkave VR

Intel is partnering with YDreams on their new high-quality multiplayer location-based VR gaming experience. Intel’s Virtual Reality Group is working with YDreams to enhance the Arkave experience with wireless headset technology developed in partnership with HTC.

Raj Puran, Director of Client VR Business Development & Strategic Partnerships from Intel stated “Arkave is one of the most compelling and exciting team multiplayer experiences in VR. YDreams and the team behind Arkave have created an innovative approach to Location Based VR and is just a ton of fun to challenge with your friends!”, says Mr. Puran, “We are excited to see this market grow and proud to support a partner like YDreams with our technology roadmap. Their platform is incredible and offers a real turnkey solution to Location Based VR Entertainment.”

Various social media posts created a buzz outside of the show and Daniel Japiassu the CEO of YDreams spent a good portion of the show conducting media interview requests which helped with general market awareness and helped strengthen the Arkave brand.

Blueprint Reality Inc.

YDreams continues to be innovative with its Arkave VR Experience by signing a cooperation LOI with Blueprint Reality Inc. The objective is to promote and create business links between the two parties starting with the product MixCast which is the world’s most powerful solution for the broadcast and presentation of mixed reality. MixCast seamlessly blends realities together for instant sharing of virtual experiences.

The solution records the experience from players during their gameplay and transforms into different formats of media that can be shared in social media or print. Imagine sharing your virtual experience or adventure with your friends in a video not as an avatar but as yourself. This allows people to remember, share and relive the experience while becoming a marketing tool as they share.

By offering the solution as an add on to Arkave VR, the Company is creating another differential to its sales strategy and another source of revenue to future clients of Arkave VR.

Further information about MixCast can be found at Blueprint Reality’s website:

Quanta DGT and Movie Theaters

Previously, (news release June 25th,2018) YDreams Global announced a partnership with Quanta DGT to bring VR experiences to over 1000 movie theaters in Brazil.

In the first week of October, YDreams and Quanta DGT brought Arkave VR to Expocine, the biggest event in Latin America focused on the film industry exhibition, distribution and suppliers of technologies, services and products to that industry. It had thousands of visitors including major movie studios such as Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures.

The event helped to create awareness of the Arkave brand and to accelerate the implementation of Arkave as a main solution for Movie Theaters lobbies. The goal is to launch the first Arkave VR Arena before the end of 2018.

“As partners to YDreams we appreciated the unique experience that Arkave VR brought to the event and enjoyed by industry people and general visitors. We established several innovative opportunities to the movie distribution market and are excited to bring virtual reality and the gaming universe to theatres.” said Fabiana Marschalk Marketing at Quanta DGT.

YDreams Studio Division

The Company launched a new project for Petrobras and McLaren (see news release dated October 1st, 2018). Marking the first branded content, the project uses the Arkave VR Engine and is a multi-player, free roam, Virtual Reality experience to simulate building a F1 McLaren car and mixing fuels to test.

YDreams is also finishing the first phase of a consulting project for a company from the Energy Production Industry. The project is a large scale permanent educational exhibition, similar to some of the biggest projects done by the Company in the past.

“We are seeing a higher demand for consulting that can lead to long lasting relationships with strategic clients. Brands now understand the relevance of positive interactive experiences and are allocating bigger budgets for innovation, which is great for YDreams.” – stated Karina Israel, COO and co-founder of YDreams Global.

The YDStudio division works as a partner for companies and brands to reframe their strategy through relevant human-centered ventures that integrates digital experience with physical presence and venues. YDStudio anticipates future challenges and connects them with the needs of the market, building innovative concepts and delivering them with international excellence.

YDreams Global´s Studio have developed over 1,300 projects for clients all over the world, such as Disney, NBA, Adidas, Cisco, Nokia, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Santander, AmBev, Qualcomm, Unilever, City of Rio and Fiat.

Live Webcast with Charlie Fink on Free Roam VR/AR with The VOID, VRstudios, Backlight, and Battleverse

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Please join us on August 8th for a conversation about Free Roam VR, and AR, with Curtis Hickman, co-founder of The VOID, Kevin Vitale, CEO of VRstudios, Frederick LeCompte, CEO of Backlight (Paris), and Steve Shew of Battleverse (Toronto).

Free Roam VR, which can only be experienced in dedicated locations, and never in the home, and is the only true VR, where users wear an HMD and backpack PC, occupy an avatar, have full agency and freedom of movement, and can see and interact with other avatars in an entirely digital world.

Join us as we talk to the two largest players in the nascent field, and two startups that aspire to take their place alongside of them as pioneers of what many are calling "the new movie business." 

VR Tech Setups for Events, Arcades and Venues White Paper

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Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 4.44.16 PM.png

Our Location-Based Entertainment Committee produced this white paper ready to help venue owners setup VR tech for arcades or events for different types of VR experiences.

It includes:

  • The benefits, tradeoffs, and considerations

  • Mixed Reality setups

  • Sanitation options

  • Shipping checklist

  • Typical event problems & suggested solutions


Thank you to YDreams Global for support in this white paper




Recap of Virtual Reality Arcades Conference in Mountain View, CA

By Deborah Worrell, Member of the VRARA LBE Arcades Committee


The Virtual Reality Arcade Conference took place last weekend at the Samsung Research Center in Mountain View, CA.  The conference brought together companies specializing in VR hardware, software and distribution; VR content studios and publishers; VR research; and experts in funding and financing for VR LBE.

The recurring theme from presenters and exhibitors was one of consultation, cooperation, education and support. Daisy Berns, General Manager of Exit Reality, summed up the spirit of the conference, saying, ‘Virtual Reality is an extremely new industry and it is important for all of us to work together to elevate the entire location-based sector and be mindful that we will be introducing VR experiences to the masses’.

Panels focused on best practices and speakers shared insights based on their own successful models with the audience of arcade owners and interested attendees. Along with seasoned VR location owners a significant number of individuals came to learn about VR LBE and how they can become VR entrepreneurs themselves.

One particularly memorable panel (Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix, Brad Scoggin, CEO of SpringboardVR, Shauna Heller, NA President of AiSolve, McKay Christensen, CEO of VR Junkies and Daisy Berns, GM of Exit Reality) had a spirited back and forth about end-user pricing, revenue projections, minimum number of stations and thoughts about keeping high-end VR experiences at an affordable price point.  Listeners learned a lot about VR business models, planning for success and the importance of exceptional customer service. The speakers were unanimous in extolling the benefits of marketing services and cautioned the audience against relying on foot traffic.

Attendees and exhibitors had a great time demoing all the new hardware at the conference. Lines were long to try the new omni-directional treadmill from Avatar=VR and the Omni total immersion body rig. Tactical Haptics showed off new gun-like controllers and everyone enjoyed playing Rocket VR’s games. Exit Reality brought a Cube—their complete B2B solution for VR content, distribution and customer service.

Virtual World Arcade showcased a large free roam arena VR set-up and Jeremy Lam, CEO of Virtual World Arcade, delivered Saturday’s keynote on VR Content Development and Mobile Events as well as Sunday’s talk on How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR Arcades and Games.

The conference drew to a close on Sunday afternoon with an important panel on financing and funding for VR start-ups. In the cooperative and consultative spirit of the program the audience heard experts from the venture capital world (Angelo Del Priore, HP Tech Ventures, Ken Sobajima, KDDI Open Innovation Fund, and Ryan Wang, Outpost Capital) offer best practices, insights and examples.

Overall the event was a huge success—the panels and speakers were insightful and practical, the demos were fun and illustrated where the industry is headed, and the opportunity to network and build partnerships with VR professionals was outstanding. Mark your calendars for Virtual Arcade World Conference next year.


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This Tuesday, attend our all-star online panel on Haptics in Location Based Entertainment Jan 23 3pm EST

The VR/AR Association LBE Committee is proud to present an all-star online panel on Haptics in Location Based Entertainment from 3PM-5PM EST Tuesday 23rd of January 2018. Attend for free by registering here  

The sensation of Touch, or Haptics, is being experimented with widely across LBE businesses to make the experience more real and memorable. By adding features like Haptics, users engage with content in new ways, transporting them deeper into levels of immersion unavailable to home users.

At first, haptic feedback was limited to vibrating chairs and floors, and then soon after, hand-held peripherals entered with plastic guns that recoil when fired and haptic sticks that react like lit torches or baseball bats when used. New entrants into the Haptic Market are going all in, with full-body haptic suits, promising realistic touch sensations from head-to-toe, no matter what virtual world you inhabit. New haptic capabilities are being implemented into the walls of LBE Arcades and Amusement Parks, such as ultrasound speakers that broadcast touch to bare skin; like surround sound, this approach offers a wide range of sensations, at a distance, without needing to wear or hold anything.

The LBE World is evolving quickly, with haptics being a reliable, powerful way to bring content to new levels. Each person uses touch, to validate that the objects we see are real; in virtual reality, haptics bridge and blend the virtual and real into a seamless, meaningful experience.

Please join the VRARA LBE Haptics Panel for a lively discussion with our Haptics experts:

  • Dimitri Mikhalchuk, CEO of Teslasuit, bringing a leading full-body tactile haptic suit with motion capture and climate control for virtual reality;

  • Robin Alter, VP Strategic Partnerships at Ultrahaptics, the company offering midair, haptics using ultrasound;

  • Martin Holly from Striker VR, which combines a revolutionary haptic engine, the Arena Infinity™), with VR Peripherals to deliver powerful and precise tactile feedback.

  • Stafford Michahial from Kaaya Tech which develops the HoloSuit, a Full Body Analytics Wearable Platform with motion tracking and other features for VR LBE worlds.

And moderated by Kevin Williams with KWP, a leading consultancy in the emergence of the new entertainment market and prolific writer including his own news service The Stinger Report

Listen to our VR Arcades Location-Based Committee Webcast

The VR Arcade (Venue Location Entertainment Industry Committee) gave a live talk with Q&A on the topic, listen here. This live event was attended by executives from IMAX, Verizon, among others.  This was a panel discussion on the impact of Virtual Reality on Location Based Entertainment. Topics of discussion touched on best practices, monetization models, content creation, roadblocks, licensing and emerging trends for VR entertainment venues. Participants included members of the VRARA Committee. Moderated by Chris Pfaff Tech Media. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.04.48 AM.png

Listen here

Everything VR & AR Podcast: Human Motion Tracking in VR Immersion

Roman Kulikov from Moscow Russia joins the show to discuss such topics as human motion tracking for full immersion VR experiences. We also discuss his experience first attending and now teaching at the National Research University MPEI (Moscow Power Engineering Institute) in Moscow.

Other topics include learning more about the VR/AR technology scene in Moscow along with the accelerator his company is a part of and what the Pokemon Go experience is like in his area.

Another website that Roman shared regarding work his team is doing can be found here and the English translation of the front page of the site is below:

SCM: Tracking for Virtual Reality

The idea is to create a wireless tracking system with high accuracy by the use of nonlinear tracking filter based on the model of the user's movements for more information about the likely dynamics of the marker points on the body of the user.

Listen here