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Lethbridge College planning yearly VR Conference in VR following overwhelming success

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LETHBRIDGE – After the success of the inaugural event, Lethbridge College has announced Merging Realities: An Event of Multiple Perspectives will be moving forward as an annual affair.

The college hosted the world’s first full-day conference, held completely in virtual reality, back on April 26.

Hone Virtual Education Ltd. CEO Alex Jackson, who is also president of the Alberta chapter of the international VR/AR Association, says the virtual and augmented reality industry is being built on firsts, and Merging Realities was no exception to that.

“This event showcased the potential of this technology to bring the world together by simply pushing the power button. The future is now.”

Since the convention was the first of its kind, Mike McCready, an instructor in Lethbridge College’s Multimedia Production program, says there was no precedent to guide the planning team.

“The virtual reality community supported us and helped to create an exciting buzz around Merging Realities, significantly contributing to its success,” McCready continued. “I’m excited to see how much bigger it can grow in future years.”

A release from the college states Merging Realities brought together industry leaders in virtual and augmented reality to explore applications and future advances.

Keynote speakers from Google and other powerhouse companies shared the exciting applications of VR and AR and offered important networking opportunities to those in attendance.

While some participants gathered on-site at Lethbridge College, the majority joined in virtually from around the world.

Participants from five continents, 16 countries and 84 cities took part either in-person or online.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 9.32.01 AM.png

Additionally, the event prompted:

- 712 live views and a total of 12,690 minutes watched on Twitch, a live streaming video platform
- 1,509 unique visits to the Merging Realities webpage
- 2,957,726 impressions of the #mergingrealities2018 hashtag on Twitter

College organizers say the event would not have been possible without Doghead Simulations’ Rumii platform. The company supplied technical support, licensing and mentorship to organizers.

“Merging Realities was a game changer for our Rumii software, bringing to life our vision at Doghead Simulations for a world that is further connected by technology and virtual reality,” Doghead Simulations Chief Marketing Officer Amber Osborne said.

The innovative and interactive Merging Realities conference helped Lethbridge College in its goal to position itself at the helm of VR and AR development in post-secondary education.

Kris Hodgson, chair of the college’s School of Media and Design, says they are leading the way for people who are interested in getting involved with new and emerging technology.

“Being involved in the early stages of VR and AR means that as the technology evolves, we will play an important role in shaping the way educators and industries use the medium. This industry is moving so rapidly that people who have been in it for only one to two years are now subject matter experts,” Hodgson said.

As the interest and demand for virtual and augmented reality increases, the college will look to share its growing expertise with the community through Corporate and Continuing Education courses beginning this fall.

A date for the second annual Merging Realities conference will be announced in the coming months.


Join Lethbridge College and our Alberta Chapter here

VRARA & Lethbridge College to host world’s first full-day conference held in VR

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Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 11.38.57 AM.png

LETHBRIDGE – The very real world of virtual reality will be explored during an innovative industry-leading conference hosted by Lethbridge College.

Merging Realities: An Event of Multiple Perspectives is taking place on April 26, and the conference will feature renowned guests from the fields of virtual and augmented reality.

They will be speaking to participants who can join in from around the world.

This is made possible by being the first full-day conference to be hosted completely in virtual reality.

Kris Hodgson, interim chair of Lethbridge College’s School of Media and Design, says many virtual meetings have been held around the world, but this is the first conference they know of will spend an entire day in the virtual setting.

“Industry-leading speakers will highlight the latest advances in virtual and augmented reality. Our Multimedia Production program has spearheaded this event, led by instructor Mike McCready and his students, and it's truly incredible what has been accomplished in only a few months.”

A release states that due to high demand only a limited number of seats are available in VR for each session and will be held for those who have VR headsets.

However, all attendees will be able to view all sessions via live streaming with a dozen speakers from a variety of backgrounds scheduled to speak throughout the day.

Keynote presenters include:

-    Alan Smithson: co-founder and CEO of MetaVRse. Alan has positioned himself as a leader in business applications for VR/AR.

-    Alex Katzen: Google's Daydream business development team content specialist. Alex works with third-party VR and AR developers to support the ecosystem and bring quality content to the Google platform.

-    Cathy Hackl: VR/AR global speaker, producer and marketing futurist. Cathy is an Emmy-nominated communicator turned author, named by IZEA and Onalytica as a leading AR/VR influencer and by NBC News as one of the top women working in virtual reality.

Multimedia Production instructor Mike McCready says Merging Realities is a unique event where students and industry are working together to educate the community on virtual and augmented reality.

“The enthusiastic early response is a clear indicator that there are a need and interest for training in this field.”

Lethbridge College is quickly establishing its credentials as a leader in VR/AR, recently joining the international VR/AR Association.

McCready and Hodgson will serve as co-presidents of the Alberta Chapter of VRARA.

The membership gives the college access to resources as it begins to integrate VR/AR into its programming across campus.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg for the work in VR/AR that the School of Media and Design is pursuing,” Hodgson continued. “We look forward to collaborating further with industry across the globe.”

The Merging Realities event will culminate with a business mixer from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the college, which is open to anyone interested in learning more about the many applications for VR/AR.

A full itinerary of the event can be found here