With over 1B Users, Mobile AR is the Next Frontier for Advertisers‏

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The VR/AR Association has partnered with Nielsen’s New York-based SuperData Research to provide a comprehensive report on AR for marketers and advertisers. Consisting of industry data and insights, this report provides an overview of the mobile AR market and drills down into the consumer segments that use AR, sentiment towards AR ads, and how brands can begin to leverage this exciting new medium.

SuperData’s new report dives into vital information needed for success in the mobile AR market for both developers and advertisers.

Insights include:

  • 74% of those that see AR ads share them with their social media followers.

  • AR users on average earn $8K more per year than non-users, and are a decade younger.

  • The largest AR demographic is women between 18-34.

Drawing on key consumer insights, this report delves into mobile AR market size, user profiles and attitudes, as well as highlights mobile AR advertising trends. Check out the full report here