Recap of VRARA Houston Chapter Event

By Jon Banks, President of the Houston Chapter of VRARA.

Houston, we have lift off in the VR/AR/MR industry! Say what? Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are a thing of the future and in Houston we are ready to make the future our reality today. The Houston chapter of VRAR Association held their first meeting in March 2017.

We had about 50 people in attendance. Everyone had the opportunity to partake in a few VR/AR/MR realities, from walking the plank to traveling on Mars and other experiences, we started the evening off with mingling and fun hands-on exposure.  

Our meeting included a panel discussion with 5 professionals in various industries that can see how VR would be beneficial to their business, from medical, educational, and social impacts, we got to discuss important pros and cons, ethical concerns, and more with the experts in their fields.

Houston chapter will hold quartely meetings for members and public alike.  Learn about virtual reality, experience virtual reality, let VR be a part of you and come join us!

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