New VR/AR Association Chapter in Jacksonville! Our 3rd in Florida.

Florida is so hot right now, we had to open another Chapter in Jacksonville!

Our 3rd Chapter in Florida!

One of the fastest growing cities in the US, Jacksonville is becoming recognized for its forward thinking and innovative approaches to technology. Businesses in the area are beginning to realize the importance and necessity of VR and AR in their daily operation. With chapter leaders who are paving the way for VR and AR in Jacksonville, and work with these technologies daily, we are excited to invite you to join a movement in our great city. Our goal is to unite, encourage, and inspire those in the industry and those who are interested in the technology to develop and establish partnerships and collaboration. Membership with the Jacksonville chapter will gain you access to local events, resources, and a host of new opportunity. Join today!

Chapter President: Tim Hogg

Tim is the Founder of augLab, a Jacksonville, FL based XR development and training agency specializing in the creation of immersive experiences for business. He has a background in software development, web and mobile application development, as well as marketing, sales, IT, and team management. augLab is a subsidiary of 1:9 Technology LLC, which Tim formed in early 2017 as a development agency focusing on web and mobile applications. Through these entities, Tim has worked with an array of reputable enterprise clients, as well as non-profits to help grow their digital footprint and increase engagement from their audiences.  Tim is passionate about utilizing XR technology to transform the way companies do business and engage with their customers. He also adores his wife Leah, their three children, and his dog.

Chapter VP: Devon Fox

Devon Fox VRARA.jpeg

Devon Fox is an award-winning, forward thinking sports executive. As a leader in the emerging sports technology space, she believes exceptional leagues, teams, and players lean into new and innovative ways of doing things while acknowledging the history and heritage of their sport. With a focus on the fan, she leads the digital innovation efforts for the PGA TOUR. She has led the PGA TOUR Labs & Innovation team through several award winning initiatives including the launch of the PGA TOUR VR and PGA TOUR AR apps. Prior to her time in the sports industry, Fox spent time exploring banking, mortgage insurance, and ecommerce. She earned a degree in Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing at Drexel University in 2013. In her spare time, Fox enjoys playing and officiating roller derby and serves on the Board of Directors for a top-10 roller derby league in Jacksonville, FL.

About VR/AR Association

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