Through our resources, we help members with research, equipment, office space, training, and more.

  • ARtillry INSIGHTS -  bundled research package, consisting of industry data and insights 
  • Publications - case Studies, Infographics, Research & White Papers
  • Equipment Rentals - VR AR & 360 hardware: HTC Vive, GearVR, Oculus, Asus, Sony PlaystationVR, etc  
  • Newsletter - The VR/AR Beat is weekly, covering Association & industry news, events, discounts, and more 
  • Office Space Rentals - WeWork, TAG Talent Garden and other partners
  • Podcasts - Everything VR & AR is a weekly podcast  
  • Research & Education - University Partner Program, Third Party Research, etc  
  • theDirectory - database of thousands of companies involved or interested in VR AR. Search by keywords or location. Generate infographics.   
  • Training Program - learn VR, AR, Unity, ARKit, WebVR, etc 
  • VR First - free access to 50+ VR First labs worldwide as a developer and  30% discount for services
  • Webinars - live webcasts & video recordings 
  • YouTube Channel