A research & data package, in partnership with ARtillry Intelligence

The VR/AR Association has partnered with San Francisco-based ARtillry Intelligence to provide a bundled research package. Consisting of industry data and insights, it will equip subscribers in the AR and VR sectors to make informed business decisions.

Each month, subscribers will receive notifications for new reports by email and access to a comprehensive online archive.



Original Research Reports

2017 (Archives)

June: The State of Virtual Reality (preview)
July: Tech Giants Tackle AR (preview)
August: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes (preview)
September: ARCore & ARkit: The Acceleration of Mobile AR (preview)
October: Discussions & Takeaways from AR & VR Investors (preview)
November: AR & VR Global Revenue Forecast (preview)
December: 2017 Lessons, 2018 Outlook (preview)


January: Enterprise XR: Impacting the Bottom Line
February: Mobile AR: What's Working So Far?
March: Local Commerce and the AR Cloud
April: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes (see last year's report)
May: XR Global Revenue Forecast (see last year's report)
June: The State of XR: Mid-Year Review
July & Beyond: To Be Announced...


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