Jun 26

VRTO - Toronto

For discounts up to 50% off, contact us

VRTO aims to empower people to share their world, culture, knowledge and dreams with the assistance of emergent immersive technologies. Recognized internationally for its high calibre, high-quality discussions, in-depth training, world-class presentations and top level speakers, VRTO brings together compelling discourse and bleeding-edge prototypes, demonstrations and innovative companies in carefully crafted schedules and environments.

VRTO is always an opportunity to build powerful and long-lasting business and personal relationships, with a very open-minded and inclusive community, unafraid to ask the big questions. Furthermore, the show provides many different tools to ensure attendees find their best matches towards meeting their goals at the show.

Conference website here

Jun 28

VR/AR Excellence Days 2017 - Hamburg, Germany

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Virtual and augmented reality has already enabled us to travel the world with the push of a button, to ride the waves while sitting comfortably on our couch, or to take a roller coaster on an iceberg. There seem to be no limits for VR/AR in the entertainment and experience industry. But how do you use these innovations to strengthen your customer relationships as a retailer, to double the traffic on your website, to increase your ROI exponentially, or to strengthen your name as an online business?

Our VR/AR Excellence Days on 27–28 June 2017 in Hamburg will be the interactive and hands-on platform you need to discover the potential and usability of virtual, augmented and mixed reality for your company. Best practice cases, technological innovations, and a visionary outlook are at the heart of this inspiring event.

Put your thinking hats on and observe newcomers as well as big players up on stage while they explain the multiple ways you can benefit from VR and AR in your marketing and sales strategy as well. We are looking forward to a vivifying day in your company.

Conference website here http://www.managementforum.com/vrar/

Jun 28

VR Connects San Francisco 2017

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SF Connect VR event.jpg

VR Connects San Francisco (June 27th-28th 2017) is a brand new event for the VR/AR industry created by Steel Media, the team behind the PG Connects series of conferences, Pocket Gamer, PG.biz, The Virtual Report, and the Global VR Challenge.

The event will bring together 500 delegates from across the VR/AR/MR industry (with a focus on hardware manufacturers, entertainment/game/educational/experiential developers, publishers, investors, media, and more). It will combine a lively expo space with 2 days of focused conference tracks spread over 4 tracks and covering the key questions facing the industry (global trends, technical and design issues, monetisation & business strategy, future technologies).

While information and inspiration are very important, the core of any show is who you meet and with that in mind we have a dedicated ‘Pitch & Match’ meeting system for free to all delegates to plan their own meetings, after hours networking events plus two dedicated pitching events (the VR Indie Pitch and the VR Speedmatch sessions designed to connect developers with publishers, media and platforms/stores) open to applications.

6:30 pm18:30

Up The Ante with the VRARA - The Investor Edition (Los Angeles)

RSVP here


Tuesday, June 27th

Location: Fox Innovation Lab

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Cut through the noise and learn directly from prominent angel investors and VCs!

Finding the right investor is vital to success.

Join this special event in partnership with some great investors!

There will be a panel discussion and a chance to pitch your company.

Enjoy a night of meeting great investors and founders!

Panel Session Topic:
The Path to Funding

Panel Session Topics will cover:

-When's the right time to pursue seed round and Series A funding?

-What company attributes are investors most interested in?

-What is the outlook of the VR/AR market?

-How can an entrepreneur be best prepared for a fundraising pitch?

Want to pitch your company to our investors?

Email josephine@thevrara.com

7:00 pm19:00

The Virtual_London

For more info and tickets, contact us

The Virtual_ is a series of invite-only speaker, panel & demonstration events, made for marketing & brand professionals. An opportunity to discover the potential of Virtual Reality, to learn, play and interact with new models of experience and interaction.

VR v's AR v's MR & What's Next?

At this event our industry speakers will debate this question to answer, what is it? what's best? where should money be spent? what technologies are consumers using & what's next?

Virtual Umbrella | Zappar | Microsoft Hololens

6:00 pm18:00

Social in VR: developer, marketer and platform perspectives

Among VR's many areas of development, social will arguably unlock the most value and network effect. In fact, the catalyst for the current wave of VR activity was Facebook's 2014 Oculus acquisition.

To that end, VRARA SF Chapter is partnering with ARVR MunchnLearn on its next event, coming up on Wednesday in Palo Alto: Social in VR: developer, marketer and platform perspectives.

The event is sure to draw an influential crowd of developers and enthusiasts in Social VR. See the link above for speakers and logistical details, and reach out to us with any questions.  

Jun 30

2nd Global VR/AR China Summit 2017

For discounted passes, contact us!

Featuring a co-held exhibition, 2nd Global VR//AR China Summit 2017 will gather more than 500 high level participants from 20+ countries, they come from both heavyweight high-tech companies and brilliant startups, cover the whole value chain, such as hardware producers of head mounted display devices, 3D camera, input devices; software developers of VR software development platform, VR SDK, content development tools; content providers of VR games, VR movies; VR/AR industry solutions providers for commercial marketing, engineering, architecture, clinical medical, defense; technologies companies for image recognition technology, gesture control technology, voice input and out technology; as well as distribution channels and VC/PE. In this event, 30+ VR/AR industry leaders will deliver speech covering industry whitepaper, new products release, new technology and research achievements, and carry out diverse forms of interaction and partnership.

During this event, we will arrange a special road show /demo show for startups to attract attention from leading PE/VC investors and media, and there is a co-located exhibition show for global VR/AR leaders to show their cutting-edge technologies and products. We will also arrange 1-on-1 meetings for our exhibitors and sponsors, to provide a bridge for their global partnership and product distribution channel development in China. Most importantly, we will host a VR/AR industry award ceremony to commend those companies which has made outstanding contributions. We believe this event will be an ideal platform for VR/AR industry communication and partnership, each participant can get global market updates, obtain newest product and technology information, promote their own product and brands, explore potential clients, seek business partnership, and step towards the top of the mountain with the global VR/AR market booming in 2017! 

6:30 pm18:30

VRARA Singapore, XR Alliance & Samsung Event: "VR for Healthcare"

RSVP here 

The XR Alliance is a global alliance for tech professionals in VR/AR/XR. Its force is in alliance-building and VR/AR/XR for Good. @xrforce

The VR AR Association (VRARA) is a global industry association with a mission to help promote and build the VR/AR ecosystem. Its core focus is in strategic industry development. More information can be found here https://www.facebook.com/vrarasg/

JOIN US for a conversation about VR for Healthcare.

*As this is an industry event, please enter your organization name of the company you are representing.*

Those related to the healthcare and education sector are especially welcome to join us!

"Collaborative learning in VR Healthcare"

Medical VR applications, such as augmented vision surgery, remote treatment and distance diagnosis, are becoming increasingly common worldwide. In Singapore, new techniques are being pioneered that go further to help provide non-invasive and completely safe outcomes without using established trial-practice-and-error approaches.

Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has teamed up with Side Effects Asia Pacific to work on VR technology systems for advanced healthcare and medical training.

The new systems will enable trainees to experience realistic 3D medical emergency scenarios, allowing digital feedback and overlay information to be integrated with existing medical images. In other words, trainees will be able to experience and practice fully immersive, on-the-spot decision-making scenarios during the resuscitation of critically ill or severely injured virtual patients.

In this upcoming session, TK Ng, CEO of Side Effects Asia Pacific, will share more about their insights and experiences developing cutting edge healthcare and medical VR simulations with the new Gear VR Controller as a key interaction device. He will also give strategic tips and advice on how to deliver and scale cutting-edge medical simulations to the entire healthcare and medical industry in the most cost-effective and practical way.

VRARA Atlanta Chapter Event
6:30 pm18:30

VRARA Atlanta Chapter Event

The Atlanta chapter of the VR/AR Association ( www.thevrara.com/atlanta ) is having its annual Summer meeting. Attendees will hear from a variety of speakers on new VR/AR developments and opportunities.  Speakers will represent Atlanta VR/AR agencies and businesses, covering upcoming events, VR/AR training & education, job opportunities. The event will conclude with hands-on demos and networking. 

TechSquare Labs
859 Spring St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Doors open 6:30
Speakers & discussion 7:00-8:30
Networking reception 8:30-9:30

3:00 pm15:00

VRARA Training Program: Building Great VR AR Products with Sami Ramly

RSVP here


Reserve your spot at our next class of the VRARA Training Program, taught by VR/AR Product Lead and VRARA Mentor Sami Ramly.

Building Great VR/AR Products: the Art of Product Management for Emerging Technologies

About the Class:

This class dives deep into Product best practices for anyone looking to make VR or AR and hoping to get people actually using their products - after the demo novelty has worn off. Topics to be covered include Product-Market Fit, Product Strategy, Product Development, Design, Prototyping, Monetization, Customer Development, Growth, Analytics, and more. All examples will be focused on VR/AR but some parallels will be drawn with adjacent industries. There will also be valuable learnings and applications for startups and companies in emerging technologies in general.

The typical audience includes (but is not restricted to) professionals who identify as makers, creatives, builders, creators and anyone involved in the product development process (entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, designers, product managers, developers, producers, directors, etc). If you're a marketer, evangelist, sales wizard or promoter of a VR/AR product, you will find it useful to learn what makes competing products great, good or bad, why your product with high traction could suffer in retention, and why the VR/AR product cemetery is full of has-beens and could-haves.

About Sami Ramly:

Sami Ramly is a VR/AR Product Lead and member of the select Product Leaders group at Product That Counts in Silicon Valley. He is currently the VR Product Management Lead at Wevr, the renowned VR startup specializing in producing and distributing award-winning VR experiences (2 out of 10 Best VR of 2016, according to TechCrunch). Sami heads the Product efforts for Transport, the native network for VR creatives and their audience. Previously, he worked in Product on 3D Printing & 3D Scanning at Microsoft, where he shipped Microsoft's first 3D Scan app for Windows 10. He also held several other roles in engineering, business and product management at Silicon Valley startups and accelerators, including StartX. Sami is a VR/AR Mentor & Faculty at VRARA, as well as a Mentor at Stanford, UCLA, USC, SIGGRAPH, LIFE, LebNet and others. He has co-authored an IEEE publication and has spoken about VR & AR at CES, Digital Hollywood, Plug & Play, Hero City, UC Berkeley, UCLA Anderson, Otis, and many VRARA events. He also sits on the Executive Board of Predictera and the Advisory Board of Rabbit Hole VR, Stanford's VR/AR maker community, featured in Business Insider as a place where “the next big thing in VR could come”.

Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange 2017 (Atlanta, USA)
Jul 12

Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange 2017 (Atlanta, USA)

  • Chateau Elan

3-day summit on mobile innovation and IoT from renown global innovation conference ( www.iqpc.com ). Senior industry executives will network, discover, and strategize how to effectively manage security, productivity, adoption and innovation in Mobile and IoT. Speakers include NASA, Thyssenkrupp, Coca-Cola, Lyft, IDC, Capital One, and Bank of America. VRARA Atlanta chapter president John Buzzell will lead a roundtable exploring Enterprise use cases for Augmented Reality across verticals. VRARA members are invited to register for 30% off. Email exchangeinfo@iqpc.com to register.

Jul 13

CE Week 2017 - NYC

For discount passes or exhibitor discount contact us

CE Week will feature hundreds of amazing new products on the show floor, an industry-leading conference program, and exciting special events. But it’s the audience that makes being there so compelling for companies. By integrating events like Showstoppers and getgeeked New York into the schedule, we have created the industry’s first and only “B2E” (business-to-everyone) event.

Over two days, companies can showcase their products to the tech media’s most influential journalists and editors, meet with key industry partners, channel representatives, and investors, and turn passionate tech enthusiasts into their most important advocates – all at one event! Click here for more information.

9:30 am09:30

VR/AR Maker Lab - Augmented City: Creating VR AR Web Content Showcasing Singapore

RSVP here

Come join the start of the VR/AR maker ecosystem!

VR/AR Maker Lab

For coders, makers and designers

Presented by XR Alliance, VR/AR Association & Mozilla with Intel

“Augmented City: Creating AR and VR web content showcasing Singapore”

Casual AR and VR on the web allows people to create and consume augmented and virtual experiences easily and more freely. WebVR takes advantage of the web, the largest and most accessible software platform in history, to close the content gap and help AR/VR gather steam with the masses. This Lab lets participants work together to create VR content for the Web using Mozilla’s A-Frame toolkit. Come together with other designers and developers to experiment and create AR and VR on the web! 

Who: Web designers and developers interested in building AR/VR content and applications. Experience either designing or programming is required, whether with the web stack or otherwise.

What to bring: A laptop or other computer is required.

How to prepare: Even if you’re already familiar with designing or programming for AR/VR, run through the A-Frame interactive tutorial: https://aframe.io/aframe-school

#opensource #virtualreality #webvr #augmentedreality #VR #AR #UX


Event Schedule

09:30: Registration

10:00: Welcome, introduction, event overview

10:30: Group speed ideation

11:00: Teams break off for deeper ideation

11:30: Teams build user flows

12:00: Lunch

12:30: Teams start building

15:00: Break

17:00: Group share

17:30: Goodbye

For queries, partnerships or sponsorships, contact: vanessa (at) thevrara (dot) com

The XR Alliance is a global alliance for tech professionals in VR/AR/XR. Its FORCE is in alliance-building and VR/AR}XR for Good. @xrforce

The VR AR Association (VRARA) is a global industry association with a mission to help promote and build the VR/AR ecosystem. Its core focus is in strategic industry development.

More information can be found here 

Jul 19

The New York Venture Summit VR/AR - NYC

For tickets up to 60% off, contact us info@thevrara.com 

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 9.12.20 PM.png

Whether you’re a startup seeking angel or venture funding, register today and/or apply to present at The New York Venture Summit, NY’s largest annual venture conference.  

Don’t miss connecting with more than 500 attendees, gaining insight from more than 50 VCs/Angels on interactive panels; hearing presentations by more than 50 Top Innovators.”


Aug 20

OrlandoiX 2017 - Orlando

For discounted passes, email us info@thevrara.com

Join OrlandoiX, the Southeast's Largest Gathering of Creators in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Video Games, and Digital Entertainment. Open to professionals and consumers alike, OrlandoiX sits at the intersection of creativity and technology, bringing together creators, investors, influential brands, and tech enthusiasts for four days of industry leading keynotes, speaker presentations, interactive exhibits, gameplay, and networking. Website: www.orlandoix.com

Mobile World Congress Americas - SF
Sep 14

Mobile World Congress Americas - SF

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.15.26 AM.png

To get your Pod space, contact us ASAP!

For discounted passes email us info@thevrara.com 

Following the success of our partnership with the GSMA on this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, VRARA is now partnering with GSMA for their upcoming Mobile World Congress Americas Event in San Francisco, 12th- 14th September 2017 – www.mwcamericas.com

Under the theme "The Tech Element," MWC Americas will offer attendees a range of dynamic programs and rich experiences focusing on key topics including IOT, VR/AR, 5G and Next Generation Networks, Mobile in Entertainment and content in media. Approximately 30,000 professionals and 1,000 exhibitors from across the mobile ecosystem and adjacent industry sectors will attend Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. On the back of demand from the likes of Samsung, we have developed a dedicated VR/AR Zone at the show. This VR/AR Zone offers VRARA members the chance to really show some of the leading names from the enterprise and telco markets, what you can do.

Our exclusive partnership with the GSMA means we are able to offer VRARA members the chance to join the VRAR Association’s Pod Pavilion within the VR/AR Zone at a discounted rate

Pod space in VRAR Association pavilion – these 10’ x 5’ pods are being offered at an discounted price that is exclusive to VRAR Association members. The package will include:

-        1.4 Pod – 10’ (W) x 5’ (D) x 8’ (H) 

-        Pods showcase products and services while allowing start-up companies to generate leads and network in the dedicated zones. 

-        System partitions – 10’H ASW Sound Walls (grey)

-        Fascia with company name and booth number

-        1 Information counter with lockable cupboard

-        2 Bar stool

-        1 waste basket

-        2 low energy spotlights

-        1 power point

-        Superior quality carpet with plastic cover

-        Daily cleaning

-        2 Exhibitor Visitor Passes per pod

VRARA members can also choose to take larger, full booth spaces adjacent to our pod pavilion, so please let us know what is of most interest.

Sep 14

Future of Immersive Leisure - Las Vegas

For discounted passes, contact us info@thevrara.com 

Future of Immersive Leisure 2017 is the first conference & expo designed to give a holistic, expansive view of the immersive technologies that will radically transform out-of-home entertainment. The event is aimed at facilitating understanding of the business opportunities and constraints of immersive technology (virtual reality, augmented reality, 4D), as well as critical connection building and networking opportunities among attraction owners, technology innovators, investors, and more.

Sep 16

World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit - SF

For discounted passes, contact us info@thevrara.com

Fan Engagement, Elite Performance, Broadcast Strategy, Brand Development

2017 is shaping up to be the breakthrough year for Immersive Technology and Sport. With a market potential in excess of $100Billion, the opportunities for growth are enormous.

From live VR broadcasts and fan engagement experiences to VR training, billions of fans and athletes across the world will engage with immersive sports content. Despite much impressive early innovation there is still a paucity of content for the regular sports fan to consume. This is in large part due to the technical challenges and costs sports organisations face in generating VR content and experiences and the barriers consumers still face in accessing VR. The key question facing the sports industry is understanding which immersive technologies will come out on top, and then identifying what the most effective strategies to implement and monetize them may be.

The Summit brings together the senior stakeholders from the biggest clubs, associations, athletes, broadcasters and brands alongside the leaders in technology, innovation and big data to identify how to activate, apply and monetize immersive tech in the sports arena.

Event website www.virtual-reality-sports-innovation.com

Sep 24

Gwangju ACE Fair (Asia Content & Entertainment Fair) - South Korea

For discounted passes or exhibit booths, contact us!

one stop destination for the most comprehensive B2B cultural content exhibition in Korea.

For over a decade, Gwangju ACE Fair has showcased comprehensive exhibitions covering industries such as broadcasting, audiovisual, animation, characters, games, edutainment, VR/AR, and content licensing at the Kimdaejung Convention Center.

Don’t miss the chance to establish business leads and connections in a professional environment, and experience the historical and cultural atmosphere unique to Gwangju, South Korea.

Sep 22

VRDC Fall - SF

For discounted passed, contact us

The Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) brings together creators of amazing, immersive VR, AR, and MR experiences to share best practices and demo new technology.

Join attendees from Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Apple, Autodesk, BBC Worldwide, Double Fine Productions, DreamWorks, EA, ESPN, Google, Hasbro, Havas Health, HTC Vive, IBM, Intel, Kite & Lightning, Legendary Entertainment, Lockheed Martin, Magic Leap, Microsoft, NASA, Oculus VR, Pixar, Qualcomm, Shopify, Sony, Tencent, Technicolor, Ticketfly, Youtube, Ubisoft, Unity Labs, Valve Software, VR Playhouse and the White House Office of Science & Technology.

Network with VCs and press from CNET, Gamespot, Polygon, Reuters, Road to VR, SF Chronicle, TechCrunch, Upload VR, The Verge, VRfocus, Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine and more.

Sep 27

Shop.org - LA

For discount for exhibiting, contact us

Shop.org is the annual event which delivers insights to the future of digital retail. This event groups exhibitors by product category and we have a category just for you, this includes AR/VR/CGI.  To view demographics, floor plan, sponsorship options, go to www.shop.org.

Sep 28

MEC Congress - Berlin

For discounted passes, contact us

“Accelerating Edge Computing Development to Support Next Generation Digital Services”

VR & AR sessions include:

Virtual Reality and Augmented Applications Enabled by Edge Computing

·         VR and AR require low latencies – is the edge the answer?

·         Local processing to enable high quality experiences

·         VR, AR and Robotics trials – what quality of service can MEC deliver?

·         Can any other technologies deliver the requirements that VR & AR require? Can edge computing players corner the VR/AR market?

Developing New Edge Computing Use Cases

·         What will be the most profitable edge computing use cases?

·         Edge computing to support Video delivery, VR/AR, Security, Connected Vehicles, Critical Communications

·         How can we accelerate the delivery of these new services?

·         Analysing use cases currently in development

10:30 am10:30

GamifyUs Conference - Stockholm

For discounted passes, contact us

GamifyUs highlights how to use the fun and motivational aspects of games to improve results in areas not related to games. Global companies like Starbucks, NIKE and Volkswagen have successfully been using gamification as a key component in their marketing strategies to increase customer engagement and gain attention for their products.

Get inspired on how to use a game design thinking when organizing processes at work or engage your employees in company goals, how game tech like Virtual Reality can innovate your company's communication, or the impact of a powerful story.

Conference website here 

Oct 4

Cross Video Days - Paris

For discounted passes, contact us

Supported by Creative Europe program since 2013, Cross Video Days (2-4 October 2017) is a unique marketplace where innovative digital content and studios can be pitched, scouted and financed. This year, Cross Video Days will offer two tracks: the first one to finance digital projects (Games & Cinematic experiences in AR/VR/MR/360° Included) in development phase, a second one to finance the activity of AR/VR Studios.


Apply To VR/AR Investment booster and meet international Investors

As a growing number of players, funds or equity investors are now supporting not only projects, but the activity of the innovative production companies itself, the Cross Video Days introduce this year a new financing track open to tech-enable content companies whose activity includes the production of cinematic experiences or games using AR/VR technologies.

12 selected European companies will get a unique chance to pitch their investment opportunity to a panel of 15 high-level international investors as well as reputed experts of the AR/VR/MR/360° industry.

This program is developed in partnership with The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US and Seahorn Capital

Apply to Content Market and meet digital Financiers

The Content Market is open to all Game & Cinematic projects using AR/VR/MR/360° technologies whatever their genre (documentary, fiction, animation...)

In a context when audiovisual digital industry is still experimenting with business models, and to offer maximum chances to the projects to be released, Cross Video Days Content Market strived to increase projects financing opportunities.

47% of the projects selected at the Cross Video Days have been produced and distributed in a 2-years time.

The selected project holders will take advantage of 30 minutes one-to-one meetings with a wide range of players including traditional broadcasters, Funds for interactive audiovisual content, Online broadcasters & VOD platforms, web publishers, Multi-Channel Networks, brands or VCs…

Financiers which attended latest editions: Tribeca, POV Digital, HTC Vive, Maker studios, Youtube, Sony Pictures, Red Bull Media House, Rightster, VICE, Channel 4, BBC, ZDF, BR, ARD, Arte, France Televisions, Canal+, RTBF, RTL, TF1, M6, RTS, ARD, YLE, DR, RTVE, RAI Educational.

Submission and participation at Cross Video Days is free of charge.

Applications are open till June 13th, 2017

For further information about Cross Video Days call for projects, please check the following link : http://www.crossvideodays.com/en/call-for-projects/

Oct 5

2017 Display Summit - Sterling, Virginia

For discounted passes, contact us

Projection and Body-worn Immersive Display Solutions for Simulation, Training, Visualization and Entertainment

2017 Display Summit is organized by Insight Media and focuses on the technologies, issues and opportunities for projection-based and body-worn immersive display systems in training, simulation, visualization and entertainment applications for commercial, military and professional markets.

This means flat, curved and domed projection-based simulators, trainers, theaters and 3D visualization solutions as well as body-worn immersive solutions using virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Oct 27

VR Days Europe - Amsterdam

For discount passes, contact us

Attention explorers, adventurers, trailblazers! The third edition of VR Days will once again be the place where everybody in VR and AR meets, more here

9:00 am09:00

VRevolution - NYC

Get discount to exhibit, contact us!

The inaugural VRevolution event offered a full exploration of 360 Video and Virtual & Augmented Reality technologies with a singular focus – to help leading brands and enterprises understand and deploy these new channels as a way to engage their customers and employees.

Continue the journey with us this November in New York City as we welcome the world’s leading organizations to VRevolution 2017 and navigate the countless opportunities in mixed reality in order to drive progress for both consumer-facing and enterprise initiatives.

Jun 25

WebVR Hackathon hosted at Sketchfab - NYC

For discounted tickets, contact us info@thevrara.com 

Join us for an awesome weekend-long WebVR hackathon, hosted at Sketchfab - starting 6:30pm Friday, June 23rd, going through to 5pm Sunday, June 25th. We’ve got a great group of folks coming, and will have breakout sessions & pre-event webinars for those who are just getting started. WebVR is going to be a huge part of the VR/AR industry, making it easy to prototype and deploy new projects with nothing more than Web development skills!

Space will be limited, so book your ticket now. If you’re not sure, come Friday anyway and check it out, you can buy tickets right up till Saturday morning at 10am.

More details & code of conduct are here: https://nycwebvr-hackathon2.devpost.com/

10:00 am10:00

The WAVE Congress - Birmingham UK

For discounted passes, contact us! 

The WAVE Congress is the only dedicated event of its kind in the UK, featuring top name speakers including Jaguar Land Rover, Airbus, Boeing, Laing O’ Rourke, and AMRC), cutting edge technology and the latest innovations specifically for Enterprise, and will cover Automotive, Aerospace and Construction, Oil & Gas, Military & Defence, and Healthcare.

Our concentration will be on the enterprise, and in particular, use cases from companies deploying augmented reality and wearable solutions.

Why attend? –

This is a unique opportunity to hear real use cases from businesses deploying connected technology in the workplace, as well as being able to make valuable contacts and understand how wearables, AR & VR are evolving to meet the needs of business.

Who is attending? – as a high-level conference and expo, you can expect to meet and network with 150 to 200 senior level delegates, including – 

•            CTO’s

•            CIO’s

•            Product & Design Engineers

•            System Architects

•            CDO’s

•            Heads of Innovation & Emerging Technologies

By attending you will – 

•            Network with key industry leaders

•            Participate in discussions

•            Cultivate valuable contacts and business leads

•            Learn from experts about the latest technologies and innovations disrupting and shaping your industry sectors future.

It’s going to be an amazing event, and one you will not want to miss. VR/AR Association members are entitled to a 30% discount on tickets.

5:30 pm17:30

VRARA - Kentucky Chapter Event

RSVP here

We're hosting our 1st 2017 VR/AR Association (www.thevrara.com) event at Kitestring Visuals.

Food and Beverages included in the registration fee.



5:30pm -6:30pm

- Registration and Networking

- AR and VR Demonstrations


- VR/AR Association Overview 

- Augmented World Expo 2017, the largest AR+VR event in the world. We’ll share what’s hot midway through 2017 in AR and VR from our trip to Silicon Valley.

- How brands are taking advantage of Emerging Media in sales and marketing (360’s, AR, VR and MR)

8:00 am08:00

Narrative Summit 3: Stories that Change

VRARA Members, contact us for discount code to attend.

One common thread in several technologies -- especially VR -- is transforming how stories are told. This is the evolution of narratives, and the subject of the Digital Narrative Alliance (DNA) Narrative Summit 3: Stories that Change.

Taking place June 20 in San Francisco it will feature a full day of sessions and networking on the evolution of storytelling. The VR/AR Association is an event partner and will join the discussion about how this evolution of storytelling is impacted by immersive technologies.

VRARA Members, contact us for a discount code to attend 

Jun 23

San Diego Startup Week

For discount passes and if you would like to speak, contact us info@thevrara.com

We have some of the top VR/AR professionals speaking from premier companies like Starbreeze Studios, HTC, Sphericam, CandyLabs, and Visionary Artists just to name a few. If you don't have your tickets already, head over to theand get your tickets today.

This year is our 5th year anniversary and in addition to the VR/AR (Future) track we have 14 other tracks to choose from (Feel free to chose sessions on any track a la carte style. We are expecting over 5,000 attendees to show up for more than 240 educational sessions!

In addition to the daily sessions, we have social events as well. Monday will kickoff the launch party of San Diego Startup Week 2017, where over 5000 people will gather for a massive networking event. Jason Calacanis’s keynote speech on Tuesday will be followed by the famous Startup Crawl on Wednesday, where Startup Week attendees can tour the various companies located in Downtown San Diego. The stage will be set Thursday night for the Startup Week Founders Fight Club and Adobe Creative Jam, and Friday will wrap the week up with a closing party, Startup Festival, and Community Awards Ceremony. At all of these events, you’re bound to meet some amazing people!

San Diego is growing exponentially and we are seeing high-growth in VR and AR startups, and it is our belief that the involvement of the VR/AR community is imperative to the success of San Diego as a whole.

We hope to see all of you at San Diego Startup Week 2017! See  event website  for more.

Jun 20

Digital Business Summit - Dallas

If you want to present demo or for discounted passes, contact us

DBS Square Ad Cityscape_2017.05.09_v2.png

ISG is seeking VR/AR product demos for the Emerging Technology Showcase session.  Solutions that will disrupt areas such as future of work, training and retail are most relevant. 

The Emerging Technology Showcase is a 1.5 hour session which concludes the second day of the Digital Business Summit conference to be held June 19-20, 2017 in Dallas, TX. It is intended to be an interactive "show and tell" session where we will demonstrate emerging technologies — for example, blockchain, drones, augmented reality, 3D printing, and intelligent networks— and discuss the impact to business operations and humans, the challenges to making them a reality and the risk to speed of deployment.   The demonstrations should be short and succinct and will be vetted and approved by ISG. Participants in the showcase, receive a free pass to the event.

The 2017 Digital Business Summit is now in its seventh year and brings together experienced senior digital business strategists and technology leaders to explore how enterprises are transforming their business. Attendees at the Digital Business Summit are provided with an end-to-end view of the impact of digital disruption on technology infrastructurebusiness operating models and organizational strategies.

Attendees at the Summit include:

·        Senior IT Leadership (CIO / CTO)

·        Senior Business Strategists

·        Senior Marketing and Product Marketing Leaders

·        Senior Finance Leaders

·        Business and IT Risk Management

·        Corporate and Line of Business Leader


Through interactive sessions, conference participants gain valuable information and actionable advice from industry experts and peers:

·       Review the digital disruptors driving transformative changes based on our most recent C-level research

·       Hear about the best practices of some of the early adopters of automation tools

·       Explore some of the key breakthroughs in securing the digital universe

·       Network with peers and share ideas and best practice.


VR/AR Association members receive a 50% discount off the registration fee of $995.  Conference website here 

6:00 pm18:00

*POSTPONED* SF Chapter: Road to the Holodeck, Lightfields and Volumetric VR

ALERT 6/14: Due to the logistics and road barricades for the 6/15 Warriors Victory Parade (closures start at 6pm tonight) we are forced to postpone this event. After long discussions with the venue and Oakland PD, we arrived on this conclusion.

We will devise the postponement date ASAP. Registered attendees will receive automatic admission to the new date, and a little something extra. We will issue full refunds to anyone who can not attend on the new date. More to come soon.

For the VR/AR Association's next San Francisco chapter event, we'll dive into lightfields. Join us on June 14 for an evening of networking, food and illuminating discussion.

We'll examine the future outlook, as well as work being done today for volumetric photo capture in interior spaces like real estate. See all of the details and speakers here.

Jun 15

White Nights Game Conference - Saint Petersburg Russia

For passes, contact us

White Nights St. Petersburg (Russia) White Nights is an international cross-platform business conference for the game industry that takes place three times a year: in February (Europe), in June (St. Petersburg) and in October (Moscow). Over 1,300 people attend every conference. The event attracts influential game industry professionals from all over the world and is designed to assist companies in finding partners and achieving business goals. 

Event info here.

Jun 15

VR & AR World - London

For discounted passes, contact us at info@thevrara.com 

VR & AR World is the principal annual meeting place in Europe for the enterprise-focused VR & AR community. Given the pace at which the industry is evolving, it is our pleasure to invite you to join us again for the next edition of VR & AR World, examining how VR and AR hold the power to transforming society and the way in which we live, work and interact.

Jun 11

VR Real - Kiev, Ukraine

For discounted passes, contact us

The biggest Ukrainian VR/AR Conference be held in Kiev, June 10-11. For two days VR Real in Kiev Planetarium. You have the opportunity to visit two unique events: conference with leaders in VR/AR industry and Expo-gallery with innovation products.

On Conference company members and experts in an area will share their knowledge and practice experience in VR/AR:

•How make the own product? •How promote working in the market? •Where find content for a product? •How cooperate with other industries?

The answer for all questions you can learn from headliners of a conference: •VR Team Lead Facebook — Hassan Karaouni •Marketing team Google — Nina Levchuk •Operation director Innovation Rocks — Cristian Duguet (and more other)

TechGallery is expo-zone with new technic, gadgets and VR/AR products. Gallery can submerge participants in other reality. For unexplored islands to Mars, for ancient settlements to travel in future. For technic opportunities to feel another reality.

Jun 7

AR in ACTION Leadership Summit - NYC

For 100% discount passes, contact us

Co-hosted by Ken Perlin (NYU Professor who received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement) at New York University (NYU) Computer Science Department. 

  • We are again convening some of the top minds of the AR ecosystem for two days of open collaboration, sharing insights and networking. 
  • AR in Action will be a unique opportunity to interface directly with the greatest minds and companies in AR, and adjacent fields. The attendees include a network of high net worth families.

Check out some of our Speakers, Panels and Demos (from the stage and floor) for our event who represent/involved with the following:

  • The current and/or imminent state of industry
  • The cutting edge of art, technology and educational research
  • Individuals who are thinking deeply about the potential long term societal implications of AR on a broader and historically informed level. (e.g. ethics, social values, aesthetics, education, economics, politics, privacy, etc.)
  • Talks will be video recorded in high-definition and posted to our AR in Action video library
5:30 pm17:30

VRARA Birmingham Chapter Launch Event

RSVP here 

With special thanks to the NatWest for their support in providing the venue and the refreshments for this event.

Join us and up to 70 other tech businesses & individuals at our official launch event and learn more about VR, AR and the tech involved in this exploding industry. 


  1. Steve Dann
  2. Sarah Jones
  3. Alan Dolhasz

Steve Dann

Steve is the Chapter President of the VRARA London Chapter. Steve is the Founder & CEO of Amplified Robot, a leading development agency in augmented reality. Steve runs the London Augmented Reality MeetUp group and is known as one of the most connected persons in AR within the UK

Sarah Jones

Immersive Storyteller. VR influencer. Academic.

Sarah is an immersive storyteller, using 360 degree technology and virtual reality to bring together new forms of narrative. Sarah focuses on technological embodiment, understanding an environment and culture through being someone else in a virtual world. Her works interrogate ideas of increased presence through multi-sensory films and challenging perspectives within the virtual world. These tools are consequently applied to educational scenarios to foster experiential learning through VR and Sarah is an advocate for using virtual reality technology for teaching and learning.

Sarah is the co-founder of @VRGirlsUK and an active champion of women in technology. She is listed in the top 100 of global influencers in VR. She spent more than a decade working as a television reporter covering everything from the US elections 2008 to being in Sex and the City, Sarah moved into academia and works at Coventry University, happily spending her days immersed in a virtual world.

Speaker: Alan Dolhasz

Alan Dolhasz is a researcher at the Digital Media Technology Lab (http://dmtlab.bcu.ac.uk), Birmingham City University. His research interests lie in the fields mixed and augmented reality, image processing, perception and machine learning, particularly focusing on human perception and computational improvement of photo-realism in composites and mixed reality scenes.

Alan also works on several industry-facing programmes designed to improve knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry and academia (Innovation Engine, Innovate UK) as well as managing Birmingham in Real Time - a project focused on championing the use and improvement of open data in the Birmingham area. He’s also a keen rock climber in his spare time.


What makes objects and scenes appear realistic? With the VR/AR industry rapidly gaining speed, this question is raised more and more often as we try to leave the uncanny valley. 
This talk will explore a range of concepts and properties impacting how we perceive the realism of combinations of the real and virtual, as well as methods and frameworks for assessing realism in this context. 

Jun 2

Immersive Architecture Conference IM-ARCH - Venice, Italy

For discounted passes, contact us!

IM-ARCH is the first Immersive Architecture Conference on virtual reality and augmented reality within Architecture, Design, Real Estate and Cultural Heritage. The Conference, powered by the University IUAV of Venice and CGarchitect, will be held in Venice, 1-2 June 2017, on the island of S.Servolo in front of St Mark's square. The aim is to show the current state of the art of an evolving field, and to outline new skills for tomorrow's design sector and new ways of interaction for actors from distant disciplines. At IM-ARCH there is the chance to listen to speakers from all over the world telling their story on VR/AR, and to have one-to-one conversations with them while drinking Prosecco wine in front of the Venetian lagoon. Im-Arch is open to a limited number of participants, to ensure easy and friendly networking in a relaxed atmosphere in the gardens of the island of San Servolo.

A workshop will be held on Sat, June 3: sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook for updates.

Im-Arch attendees can visit the newly opened  57th International Art Exhibition, titled VIVA ARTE VIVA and curated by Christine Macel, with a special price ticket, by just crossing the water (Giardini Biennale boat stop).

learn more: http://www.im-arch.com

VRARA AWE Meet & Greet and Dinner with Robert Scoble
6:30 pm18:30

VRARA AWE Meet & Greet and Dinner with Robert Scoble

RSVP here (free for Members)

Please join us, Robert Scoble, and CEOs and executives for aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres followed by dinner hosted by the VRARA. The event is free for VRARA members, and is located just 80 steps from the convention center.  

Special announcements! 

Want to sponsor this event? Email info@thevrara.com

AWE USA 2017 - Santa Clara
Jun 2

AWE USA 2017 - Santa Clara

For discounted passes contact us

AWE is back for its 8th year as the largest AR+VR conference and expo in the world. Join over 5,000 attendees, 200+ speakers and 200+ exhibitors from all over the world including a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, and top press as we explore how to use AR+VR Superpowers to Change the World. Grab your tickets now at www.awe2017.com.

7:00 pm19:00

Digital LA - AR Panel

For discount passes, contact us


Our Augmented Reality panel features trends in Augmented Reality with speakers from DAQRI, Vntana and AfterNow at DAQRI's downtown headquarters. We will discuss trends, including B2B and B2C applications, what brands and agencies are doing with AR, as well as AR development, access and education.

Brian Mullins, DAQRI, CEO. Daqri specializes in AR helmets for construction and manufacturing, which can increase systems training and learning at decrease risk of injury. Daqri also sponsored and spoke at the SXSL tech event on the White House lawn last fall.

Ben Conway, VNTANA, Co-Founder. Ben leads the VNTANA Operations team to build scalable (and fun) holographic displays and managing the finances, operations, and personnel at VNTANA. VNTANA's interactive consumer booth the HOLLAgram has been used at VidCon, Marvel's Doctor Strange, the Super Bowl and other events. Fans can take hologram video of themselves using gestures to interact with a brand, and send to their friends. @VntantaLive

Philippe Lewicki, AfterNow, Founder. Did Microsoft HoloLens egg hunt at VRLA Expo, where users could search for five eggs to reveal AR animations. @AfterNowLab

Josephine Munis, Candy Lab AR, CMO. Candy Lab AR an award-winning location-based Augmented Reality company in the OC, which released Texas Rope 'Em mobile AR game. Candy Lab AR's Augmented Reality engine combines GPS, Beacons, and a real time delivery system to transform the mobile experience and create immersive experiences for brands that deepen customer engagement. Joesphine is also the president of the LA Chapter of the VR AR Association a global organization focused on driving innovation, research and brand adoption of disruptive technologies. Josephine leads discussions on how brands can use disruptive technology to increase user-engagement, and also provides use cases of how brand leaders can adopt AR technology.

- Moderator: Kevin Winston, Digital LA, Founder.

5:00 pm17:00

VRARA Orlando Chapter Launch Party

RSVP here

Join us tonight for a quick Introduction to The VR/AR Association meet and greet. Experience VR with my Google Box or Utopia headset (or bring yours). If your interested in learning about, or you provide services for ,360° video VR/AR/MR experience. Together we can build vital relationships for new prospects, projects or jobs.

May 25

2017 Annual LDV Vision Summit - NYC

For 75% discounted tickets (through May 15th), email us!

At the 2017 Annual LDV Vision Summit on May 24-25 in NYC, experts discuss how computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence are disrupting business & society.

500 attendees come to see 80 speakers from companies like Google, Facebook, Union Square Ventures, and First Round Capital talk about opportunities in visual technology across 40 sessions and 2 competitions

VR and AR are the themes of several keynotes including:

  • Clement Farabet VP of Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure at NVIDIA on how NVIDIA is pushing the envelope on VR, AR, medical imaging, autonomous driving, gaming and more.
  • Mia Tramz of LIFE VR at Time Inc. who will discuss the voice and strategy she deploys across the media company's 30+ titles in VR, AR and 360 video.
  • Brian Ballard of CEO & Co-Founder of Upskill telling the real business success stories of the augmented reality software his company delivers to Boeing & GE.
8:30 am08:30

TECH+ Event (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) - NYC

For discounted passes, contact us

Tech+ is the first expo to explore the innovation mindset that is transforming the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industries. Tech+ will showcase the most cutting-edge products and software that range from VR-aided design to rapid prototyping/fabrication, smart building systems, and IoT networks. The expo will feature demos of these products and ways to best utilize them. On the show floor will be a morning forum featuring Microsol Resources Tech Perspectives seminars, followed by an afternoon with keynote and panel presentations, and demos.

Featured companies include Microsol Resources, Graphisoft, Humanscale, IrisVR, Walter P Moore, Voodoo Manufacturing, Iron Horse Enlighted, VR/AR Association, VRLA, NYCEDC, NYC Media Lab, plus many more to come!

The event takes place during NYC's Design Week, taking advantage of all the designers and architects in town coming from all over the country.

May 25

VR European Congress - Warsaw, Poland

For passes, contact us

The first European VR Congress took place on 3-4 November 2016. The event, organised by Konferencje Agora, was attended by over half a thousand participants. The congress served as a platform for the exchange of specialised knowledge on a wide range of subjects – from construction and architecture, to computer games, art and marketing, to psychology and medicine. The participants were able to test, among others, the latest Ricoh Theta S video camera, Microsoft HoloLens glasses, PlayStation VR console, and to experience VR productions at 24 VR Expo booths.The spring congress will feature an extended VR Expo zone and an enhanced programme of activities. The visitors will be able to try their luck in Speed Dating – a series of brief meetings matching VR companies with investors, and participate in workshops to broaden their knowledge on selected subjects, for instance cinematic VR. The VR Expo will also feature a Startup Zone, where innovative projects from Poland and abroad will have a chance to introduce themselves to the public.

Conference website here 

May 25

SCWS World - London

For discounted passes, contact us

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 8.14.14 AM.png

SCWS World is the flagship global event for the Small Cells/Wi-Fi/DAS market. 1000+ senior representatives from operators, vendors, end-user verticals and media will engage in lively, open discussion about which access technology is right for their networks and consumers.

Conference website here

May 23

GISEC IoTx - Dubai

For discount passes, contact us

VRARA in collaboration with Dubai world trade center (IOTX Team) are creating a dedicated VR AR zone. There are 9 VR AR companies which will participate and exhibit. 

Plus, there are VR AR related topics which will be discussed. We have VRARA member from LA, Candy Lab, on a panel plus our two members from Dubai Giga Works and Takeleap.

Conference website here 

8:30 am08:30

VR Today - Moscow

For tickets, email us

An exhibition and conference for professionals, customers, investors, experts and newcomers in virtual and augmented reality will be held on May 17 at the Higher School of Business Informatics in Moscow from 11:00 to 18:00. There will be presentations addressing practical cases of introducing virtual and augmented reality into various fields: games, 360º video, sales, real estate, hardware etc. As well as communication with developers of full immersion virtual reality haptics gear, VR projects showcases, VR attractions, VR cinemas, prize giveaways, cosplay, testing of various devices including Epson Moverio BT-300 AR Smart Glasses, and much more! Each guest will receive a Higher School of Business Informatics (HSBI) certificate for participating in the conference.

Event website: http://vr.hsbi.ru/

May 17

VR World - London

For discounted passes to the event, contact us

VR World 2017 is a 2 day conference and exhibition focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and its impact beyond gaming.

With 4 in-depth event tracks and over 200 leading speakers, no other European event covers the market in as much detail.

Amid unparalleled networking opportunities, attendees will have access to visionary speakers and case-study led content. Hear from inspirational keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions from key players redefining the boundaries for technology.

More info here