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SVVR is one of the VR industry's biggest trade shows, and its flagship spring event is coming up next week (March 29-31) in San Jose. This comes at a time when VR excitement is cresting.

VRARA SF has aligned with SVVR as a media partner That means discounts for members among other things. Contact us for discount codes or to let us know you'll be there.

We'll be in full force: covering the show, taking the pulse of the industry and meeting with top leaders. Speakers include include Tony Parisi, Michael Yang and lots more  you can see here.  

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Plotting VR's Learning Curve: A Conversation With Strata

In VR and AR's early days, we're learning a lot about consumers' appetite and understanding. One phenomenon we've observed -- especially with VR -- is that newbies grasp it right away, then quickly ideate other areas where it could apply.

In other words, after receiving a VR demo -- say a gaming or productivity app -- they'll intuitively begin to verbalize other prospective VR applications that could apply to their lives or work. They'll talk about how they see everyone from doctors to designers using it.

The phenomenon played out at this week's Chief Learning Officer week, where we witnessed VRARA member Strata give demos to long lines of people from the corporate training/learning segment. The hot topic of the day became VR's place in everything from management to industrial training.

"I've been working in tech for many years, and have never seen a new technology that people understand so quickly when you give them a demo," Strata CEO John Wright told me. "And their minds will immediately go to other VR applications that make sense."

One reason for this cognitive leap is VR's visual intensity. It strikes users to such an immersive degree that they understand it on deeply visceral levels. It's also interesting to watch new users intuitively pick up controls/inputs without instruction (sometimes a function of age).

But there's also a downside to the phenomenon: because it's so deeply visceral, it can't be explained in words. So the masses won't truly grasp VR until they try it in person. That raises a barrier in these early cost-burdened days of VR, when relatively few people have access.

This is supportive of two things that will bring VR to the masses sooner: mobile VR and location-based VR (e.g. VR arcades). The latter will need to come before wide-scale HMD home ownership... just as the arcades of the 70s and 80s preceded home gaming console ubiquity.

But the biggest lesson is that VR's adoption and market penetration will start slow, but then hit a tipping point and suddenly accelerate quickly. That will happen when a critical mass of consumers get that initial "wow" experience, then naturally imagine other apps they want.

But all of the above mostly applies at the consumer level. The adoption cycle will happen faster in the enterprise, as we've argued. Like consumers, corporate buyers will need to try VR to get it, but ultimately they'll have a greater impetus to invest given potential cost savings.

That brings us back to Strata. It's beginning to target large companies that have decentralized teams that need specific training. Doing that in a virtual environment is cheaper than dispatching human capital to far-flung locations; and it's more effective than training videos.

One of Wright's demos is an immersive guide to fixing a Ford truck tire, which could be used by dealerships as a design reference. Similar processes could be applied to everything from Jiffy Lube to Supercuts, where quality control and common protocols need to be enforced.

This makes the corporate franchise sector an opportune area for VR. We're not there yet but the first step is awareness. Once the tipping points comes -- as we saw with enterprise app development in the smartphone era --  the corporate spending will flow quickly.

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NYC Media Lab becomes a member of the global VR/AR Association

NYC Media Lab is pleased to announce that it has become the newest member of the global VR/AR Association (VRARA), the largest directory of over 3,500 organizations involved in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Both the VR/AR Association and NYC Media Lab are dedicated to fostering growth in the virtual reality and augmented reality industries.  As a member, NYC Media Lab will participate in the Association's initiatives by which NYC Media Lab will be connected with VR AR organizations to accelerate the market.

"We are excited NYC Media Lab has joined our global association. NYC Media Lab is the epicenter of all VR AR in NYC and we look forward to accelerating the market together with smart growth in NYC and globally," Kris Kolo, Global Executive Director, VR/AR Association. 

Learn more about NYC Media Lab here

VR/AR = Superpowers: Join Us at AWE

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In the VR/AR conference calendar, the red-letter day that I look forward to most is AWE. That stems from an affinity for AR, and the opportunity to see all its biggest players under one roof. 

This year's show will be May 31 - June 2 in Santa Clara. It will feature 200+ speakers, 200+ exhibitors 5,000+ attendees -- everything from C-level to developers and creative agencies.

VRARA SF will be there, so let us know if you want to meet. We're also an official media partner, meaning deeply discounted passes (45%) for VRARA members. Shout if interested

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Content is King at SXSW

The big story for VR/AR/MR at SXSW was not the usual industry write-off, as a ‘fad’ or whether platform providers can make affordable tech. By far what got people excited was Nat Geo Further Base Camp event series. The week-long interactive line-up gets people into experiences and into the world of National Geographic. What made this series special was the live and sharable nature of the action itself.

The second runner up for most liked showing, was Felix and Paul’s feature film Miyubi. This 40-minute film captured both the story and audience with seamless execution; making the story cleverly play out using a robot toy as the VR element of choice to allow the audience to view the life of a boy set in 1982 suburbia.

On the ‘solutions’ side of things, reinvent (Rehabilitation Environment using the Integration of Neuromuscular-based Virtual Enhancements for Neural Training) presented a tangible healthcare therapy. USC’s NPNL researchers program is designed to help aid in the recovery of brain injury. The main idea is that the tech picks up neurofeedback utilizing sensors and a headmounted VR display without actual physical movement from the patient. This type of Neuroplasticity and Neurorehabilitation Therapy aims to provide more engagement for the patient visually and thus help rebuild ‘broken’ neuropathways faster. All in all, the common theme for SXSW was content. People want more content and content applications to enhance and elevate interactive possibilities in their everyday lives.

Below are some highlights: 


In the spirit of Content is King, join our Industry Committees to work on best practices, guidelines, and standards for VR AR. 

Come See us at VRLA

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VRLA is one of the VR industry's biggest trade shows, and its flagship spring event is coming up fast (April 14-15).

VRARA has aligned with VRLA as a media partner -- both the global organization and the San Francisco chapter. That means discounts for members among other things.

VRARA will also host an afterparty on the first night of the show. It will take place at UploadVR's new LA space, and feature industry leaders, tech demos, food and music.

Contact us for info on VRLA, discount codes or to let us know you'll be there. We'll be in full force: covering the show, taking the pulse of the industry and meeting with top leaders.

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SF VRARA: Talking About VR... While In VR

There's a saying internally at Google: "We like to eat our own dogfood." Used to describe the corporate culture of using its own devices -- for both solidarity and beta testing -- we invoked the term this week to "walk the walk" with VR.

At Wednesday's ARVR MunchnLearn in Palo Alto we presented data and insights on the VR in VR. This essentially involved me presenting 2D slides just like any other presentation, but in front of a green screen.

The on-site audience saw just that. But the remote live audience got to see slides that animated and filled the parameters of the 360 viewscape. This involved some software and optical wizardry, care of 3D production company Spinor.

Though rudimentary, admitted MunchnLearn founder Mohammad Musa, the format will evolve to be more "native" to VR. In other words it won't use rectangular slides -- a vestige of 2D media -- but immersive 3D graphics that sync with presentations.

In the meantime it remains a step forward, and brings an additional layer of fun and immersion to an otherwise 2D presentation. Look for more presentations like this from ARVR MunchnLearn, including our involvement.

The entire presentation can be seen below. View it in a comatible browser to pan with your mouse or finger. Or preferably, use any VR headset that has the YouTube app, including mobile VR (YouTube cardboard mode).

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Why InContext Solutions Joined the VRARA

By Patrick Niersbach, InContext

VRARA is important because as an industry we need to commit to the long game for VR and AR. Right now those seeds are starting to sprout but it’s going to take a concentrated effort from corporations, solutions providers, universities, students, studios, etc. Without this it will stay in first gear as an enthusiast platform.
— Tracey Wiedmeyer, InContext CTO

At one time, not that long ago, virtual reality technology was a futuristic, hypothetical concept for the most part—there were gamers who were very much into the advancement of VR, but it wasn’t something people saw potential in beyond entertainment. Until it was. The past decade has shown us that VR has a multitude of important uses far beyond gaming—it has infiltrated the business world, and created advancements in health and education.

That’s why we were so excited when InContext was giving the opportunity to join the VR/AR Association and lead the Chicago/Milwaukee chapter. The VRARA, as it’s known, is an “international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies.”

As chapter president, InContext CTO Tracey Wiedmeyer is looking to help bring together the Midwest VR and AR communities to further establish the technology’s long term value by setting up a foundation to build upon.

“VRARA is important because as an industry we need to commit to the long game for VR and AR,” he said. “Right now those seeds are starting to sprout but it’s going to take a concentrated effort from corporations, solutions providers, universities, students, studios, etc. Without this it will stay in first gear as an enthusiast platform.”

As members, InContext will be able to participate in Industry Committees and will organize bi-monthly events that will help connect and introduce VRARA members to the local community. The Midwest is quickly becoming a technology hotspot, and Tracey hopes that through the VRARA he can help facilitate conversations that have been isolated in the past.

“In typical humble Midwest fashion, there is actually a lot going on in the space, but no one talks about it,” he said. “If we can share ideas, approaches, best practices, and knowledge, the community can start to build upon itself like any other evolutionary technology.”

For InContext, specifically, being a VRARA member will give us access to the Retail & eCommerce Committee, which gives us the ability to share our knowledge of VR solutions for retail, and learn from others within the space. We're always looking to advance our VR capabilities for clients, and the VRARA offers us a unique chance to establish a supportive community to do just that.

Contact Tracey for more information or to become a member of the VR/AR Association!

Original article here

SF VRARA: VR/AR's State of the Union (video)

What's the current snapshot of VR and AR; and where do the biggest near-term opportunities lie? VRARA SF tackled these questions in a guest speaking slot at ARVR MunchnLearn.

Though we're excited for a VR future where headsets are the ubiquitous hardware standard, alternative formats will bridge that gap and scale more effectively to mainstream audiences.

With roughly 17 million VR headsets sold to date, The sector's momentum is clear but it pales in comparison to current ubiquitous hardware: $2.6 billion global smartphones.

That points to a nearer-term opportunity for mobile VR (Daydream, GearVR, etc.). It also points to temporal VR experiences that don't require upfront hardware purchases, such as VRCades.

The same goes for AR: We're not technologically (nor culturally) there yet for smart glasses ubiquity. So mobile is showing the way for a nearer-term scalable opportunity for AR.

The full presentation from this week's appearance is replicated below (slides and voiceover). Stay tuned for the on-site presentation video, including a 360-degree version. 

Learn more about the VR/AR Association, San Francisco Chapter here

Recap of Vancouver Chapter event, VR/MR Beyond Gaming

Another sold out Vancouver chapter event took place on February 23rd at the TELUS Garden Flex Space, provided by TELUS PureFibre Team.

This event, VR & Mixed Reality: Beyond Gaming, was focused around the practical usage of the technology and the ways we expect it to disrupt wide range of industries and in our daily lives. Kharis O’Connell, author of Designing For Mixed Reality, led the keynote speech on Practical MR/VR and Designing for the Future. He explored the possibilities of integrating mixed reality in businesses and our daily lives, as well as potential limitations and ethical boundaries.

The rest of the night consisted of networking, bites and sips, and demos. Our attendees were immersed in four different demos from CognitiveVR, LNG Studios, LlamaZoo, and Build Direct. CognitiveVR showcased eye tracking VR analytics compatible with the new FOVE headset, and LNG Studios showcased GoogleEarth view for HTC Vive. LlamaZoo and BuildDirect showcased their demos on Microsoft HoloLens. LlamaZoo demonstrated mixed reality anatomy of a canine heart, whereas BuildDirect showcased a demo for interior designs.

20170223-0R1A0629 (1).jpg

We're proving that Vancouver has a huge appetite for VR/MR and is only growing. The chapter is excited about upcoming events as well as other initiatives that will help us to continue to cultivate Vancouver as a global VR/AR/MR hub.

A special thank-you to all of our sponsors who made this event possible: Entax Consulting, TELUS PureFibre, BCIT, Voyer Law.

Written by Laura Ryu

Photo Credits to Josue Pacheco @josuedev


ISG Insights: Business Value of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Executive Insights: Research created by ISG InsightsTM and Reprinted courtesy of Kris Kolo, Global Executive Director of the VR/AR Association, On Business Value of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Summary and Key Insight

As part of our ongoing Executive Insights research program, ISG’s Ron Exler and Alex Bakker recently caught up with Kris Kolo, Global Executive Director of the VR/AR Association. In this two-part interview, Kolo provides business use cases, insights, and guidance on the value of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) investments. He also shares and how applications of the technologies translate to improved business outcomes. The interview wraps up with his view on the challenges and misconceptions the industry faces for reaching broader adoption of VR and AR applications. Learning first-hand from industry leaders who are regularly in the field with customers and vendors provides valuable insight into current and future trends. This interview, with an experienced leader in VR/AR projects, illustrates the opportunities and challenges – both business and technical - in the emerging VR/AR sector.

Download the full report here

Dr. Brandon Birckhead talks about Distraction Therapy

Dr. Brandon Birckhead of Immergence Tech joins the podcast to talk about distraction therapy and the benefits of virtual and augmented reality technology in the medical and dental industries.

Also learn more about his new company, Immergence Tech, as well as cold pressor immersion testing as it relates to distraction therapy. We also learn why Dr. Birckhead made the decision to join the VR/AR Association Digital Healthcare Committee.

Listen here

Come See VRARA SF at Chief Learning Officer Week

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VRARA San Francisco has partnered with CLO Week which will focus on emerging technologies such as VR/AR. Come see us or let us know if you'll be there. For discounted passes, contact us. 

Chief Learning Officer Week: Silicon Valley will focus on powerful new tools and capabilities to help you transform your learning organization to align with your organization’s core needs and core values, to strike the balance between best practices and next practices that will engage today’s dynamic workforce.

In the age of digital disruption and new learning expectations, discover new ways to keep pace with the speed of organizational change and competitive needs:

  • reinforcing a culture of innovation
  • clearly aligning with business goals
  • exploring emerging models in leadership development
  • mentoring millennials in the workforce
  • integrating new learning channels
  • proving/improving the impact of L&D

Learn more about the VR/AR Association, San Francisco Chapter here

InContext Solutions Puts Midwest on the Map for Virtual Reality, Launches Chicago-Area Chapter for VR/AR Association

CHICAGO - March 7, 2017 - InContext Solutions, the global leader in virtual reality (VR) solutions for retailers and manufacturers, today announced that it has joined the VR/AR Association and will launch the new Chicago/Milwaukee chapter.

The VR/AR Association is an international organization that fosters collaboration between innovative companies and people in the VR and AR ecosystems. Its primary goals are to accelerate growth, promote research and education, develop industry standards and connect organizations while promoting the services of its members, which include Walgreens and Lowe’s.

“InContext Solutions is proud to be the leader in VR solutions for retailers and CPG manufacturers,” said Tracey Wiedmeyer, co-founder and CTO of InContext Solutions. “As a company, we have played a major role in transforming the retail industry. With our flagship platform, ShopperMX™, retailers can take new ideas from concept to store while significantly reducing the cost and time associated with the traditional innovation process. We are thrilled to collaborate with other VR/AR leaders who are revolutionizing the world with VR technology.”

In addition to joining the VR/AR Association, InContext is also launching the new Chicago/Milwaukee chapter. Wiedmeyer will serve as chapter president, and represent InContext in leading the Midwest VR ecosystem to drive mass adoption and to forge new VR innovations. This will include facilitating communication between members, organizing quarterly chapter events, and representing the Chicago/Milwaukee chapter at VR/AR Association national gatherings.

“The launch of the Chicago/Milwaukee VR/AR Association chapter creates a much-needed opportunity to fuel excitement and further promote the Midwest as a hotbed for tech innovation,” said Kris Kolo, Global Executive Director of the VR/AR Association. “We are thrilled to have InContext lead that charge--their commitment to VR software development is impressive, and we look forward to working together to continue advancing the VR and AR communities.”

“Hosting the Chicago/Milwaukee VR/AR Association chapter shines a light on the Midwest as a hub for transformative technology,” Wiedmeyer, continued. “As the chapter leader, I look forward to educating companies on the power of VR, building a deeper connection to the technology and further engaging the community.”

For more information about the VR/AR Chicago/Milwaukee chapter, please visit

Media Contact: Kaitlin Myers,, (913) 220-5292

About InContext Solutions

InContext Solutions is the global leader in enterprise virtual reality (VR) shopping and retail solutions, allowing manufacturers and retailers to simulate real in-store shopping situations to ideate, evaluate and activate all types of merchandising, display, layout and other in-store shopping experiences within a VR store environment. Use of InContext’s ShopperMX™ platform delivers substantial cost savings and reduces capital expenditures by allowing clients to test and evaluate ideas in the VR store environment—as opposed to doing so in physical stores—while reducing competitive visibility.


About VR/AR Association

The VR/AR Association (The VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster  collaboration between innovative companies and people in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies.

Start Summit Sponsor Program

START Summit is Europe‘s leading student-run entrepreneurship and technology conference, focusing on emerging technologies including Blockchain, AI, AR/VR and the IoT and their application fields. What differentiates the START Summit from other conferences is the unique diversity of its participants. It symbolizes the big gathering of the start-up ecosystem in Europe to enable a deep knowledge transfer, networking and fostering innovation. They provide the platform with more than 15 event formats, satellite activities and networking possibilities such as pitching competitions, workshops, 1-to-1 meetings and more. START Summit 2017 focuses on the event-quality in terms of content, business-relevance and event organization to bring high qualified start-ups, investors and students together.

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Gold $1,750

  • Platinum but no video

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  • Platinum but no video and no newsletter

VRARA will have HTC Vive set up for VR demo and Lenovo Phab 2 Pro for Tango AR demos.

If interested email

Recap of VRARA LA Event - Mardi Gras Mixer

By Natalie Cole

The Fun, Flair & Magic of VR & AR emerged during the VR/AR Mardi Gras Mixer

Watch the entire event

While the rest of the world came together to celebrate Fat Tuesday aka the last day of Mardi Gras, a unique twist of the celebration took place in Los Angeles - The VR/AR Mardi Gras Mixer. This celebration allowed our guests to be immersed and to celebrate and discuss the “Fun, Flair and Magic of VR and AR in entertaining the masses.”

Attendees were greeted with refreshing glasses of Sangria courtesy of Wikitude who sponsored drinks for the event. They also got a slice of New Orleans from the delicious traditional King Cakes that were flown in directly from New Orleans thanks to Paper Triangles.

As the crowd awaited the main event, they were treated to demos from four rising startups, Storytech Immersive, Milk(vr), VR Ecards and G’Audio Lab.

Each startup provides their own unique contribution to the industry that guests enjoyed in their respective corners. VR Ecards, a member of the Los Angeles chapter of the association showcased their cool way to send cards including their awesome Valentine’s Day Cards. Milk(vr) had guests preview their cinematic virtual reality video that they worked on with The New York Times which meant that attendees definitely had some great choices of VR immersive experiences.

After a brief introduction of the VR AR Association and the LA Chapter from our president, Josephine Munis,  the moment we were all waiting for was here. Gracing the stage were the three key players in the creation of the PBS VR Experience “My Brother’s Keeper.”  Brian Seth Hurst (Executive Producer), Connor Hair (Co-Writer/Director) and Alex Meader (Co-Writer/Director). Led by Brian Seth Hurst, the crowd got immersed in the creative process for my “My Brother’s Keeper.” with Brian informing the crowd, “if you are VR and AR producers, don’t be discouraged,” said Brian Seth Hurst, “the reward is great.”

To keep the momentum going, Chapter president, Josephine Munis took the stage once again to introduce the panel of chosen experts in augmented reality and virtual reality. This collective brilliant group included none other than Armando Kirwin (Director of VR at Milk(vr), Jen Duong (Director of Virtual Reality at 1215creative), Andrew Couch (CEO of Candy Lab) and Malia Probst (Brand Development Director at VRScout).

From L-R: Josephine Munis, Andrew Couch, Armando Kirwin, Malia Probst and Jenn Duong

This lively and engaging group of panelists discussed various aspects facing the industry from challenges regarding monetization to their respective contributions to the field, to whether there is any merit to the ongoing question what’s better: VR or AR? Each panelist brought their unique experiences to enlighten the gathered crowd. Malia Probst pointed out “something that we spent a lot of time thinking about, is how do we get this content into people’s hands.” Armando Kirwin shared some insights on how his team created a cinematic VR experience while Andrew Couch shared some great information on how his Augmented Reality company is successful in the fluctuating market. Jenn Duong said it best when she hyped up the crowd by exclaiming “This is an exciting time to be alive! Why are we not celebrating this and being hopeful!?” Thankful for all the information being given, it was clear the crowd had so many more questions they wanted to ask but there was still one more speaker to enthrall the group.

Closing speaker Mike Bonifer, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of BigStory took to the stage and captivated the crowd with his tale of how he got involved in virtual reality and his latest VR venture with a Hollywood director. He was not only honest about his experiences with the industry but inspiring, pushing people to think outside the box and be more creative when tackling and interacting with augmented reality and virtual reality.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 7.29.40 PM.png

The knowledge communicated to the crowd was indispensable and they erupted into applause after each speaker and panel. While the rest of the world partied in the streets, VR and AR enthusiasts connected and understood more about virtual reality and augmented reality and they left inspired to generate thrilling experiences for the masses to be entertained years and years to come.

We can’t wait to see what’s next in VR and AR from the energy created in that room in Santa Monica!

View pics from the event

Some quotes from our Mardi Gras Event

“I loved hearing about the perspectives on the future of VR/AR and thinking about it’s growth”

“Thank you for putting on such an awesome event!”

“Another great event by @vrarala!”

The event was so great! Thank you for organizing it!

“I attended your VR/AR mixer this past week. Want to connect and let you know it was really great. The panels/discussions were interesting and entertaining. I made some good connections - and the sangria was a nice touch!”

I wish I would have been able to catch the whole thing instead of just the last hour but like I said just that hour was immensely helpful for a multitude of reasons. Met an industry veteran animation and previs/layout supervisor that knows all of my favorite people and am now actively trying to figure out how we can work together and that was all while being there the last hour of the night.”

Thanks again for hosting an awesome event at ROC!

We hope to see you at the next one!

Snap IPO & Snap Crackle Pop

Wow what a week. We had Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Oculus lowered its’ prices to be more inline with HTC and Snap Inc. went public! Instead of rehashing now old news, I want take this opportunity to talk about how Snap Inc. is making tech fun again. Aside from the speculation that Snap Inc. is pondering making a VR Camera in the likes of Samsung Gear; what is getting me excited and people in the industry is the simple yellow joy of the brand. Despite talking heads saying money was left on the table for the IPO or that Instagram is making headwinds in the core user-base, Snap Inc. has captured something that users have been craving for a while now, fun. With digital becoming a ‘utility,’ it is refreshing to have a nice blend of business and barfing rainbows. Whether it be the advent of silly filters, or the ‘must have’ cool spectacles, happy is always an awesome distraction from the reality of a stress filled life. Obviously I am a fan and can’t wait to see what else the company has on deck for the next year. Congrats Snap.

Read more about why Snap is an AR company to consider seriously: 

Snap's AR Camera Strategy

Snapchat (Snap Inc) is a Camera and Augmented Reality Company

Bay Area: Come See Us Speak at ARVR Munch'nLearn

For discounted tickets, contact us 

Where are VR and AR headed from a business and investing perspective? This is a question I'm often asked, and spend a lot of time researching.  

The fun and games of VR/AR are just that... lots of fun to experience and discuss. But the business case is equally important, and have become a core focus of VRARA SF

We'll get to stretch our analytical legs on that topic with a presentation to a business and investing-focused crowd next Wednesday at ARVR Munch'nLearn in Palo Alto.

And just to make sure we're eating our own dog food when it comes to VR, the entire presentation will be presented live in VR for remote viewers.

That includes head tracked 360 video in stereoscopic, including the main speaker a/v feed (read: me in front of a green screen), and immersive slides that surround the viewscape.

We'll have that video available on-demand for 360 viewing in youtube and other channels if you miss the live event or broadcast. And If you are there, come say hi.  

Find out more here

For discounted tickets, contact us