Take these online VR AR courses beginning this week/month!

Columbia College Chicago Online is offering all members of the VRARA a 15% discount for any of the following 8-week fully online courses beginning this week: 

To enroll, please contact Danielle Rauser at drauser@colum.edu or 312-369-7437

VIP Reception at IoT TechConnect courtesy of VRARA Detroit Chapter

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VRARA in partnership with Terry Bean who created Motor City Connect, is hosting a three-hour workshop that will not only tell you all about the latest trends, but let you sample VR and AR.

The VIP Reception at IoT TechConnect from 6 to 8:30 pm will offer attendees the chance to play with both technologies courtesy the Virtual Reality Augment Reality Association and Great Lakes Drone Company. These are the latest and some of the coolest IoT (Internet of Things) technologies going. Less than 200 tickets remain. To buy tickets or a booth click on https://iottechconnect.com/vip-networking-reception/

The VIP Reception also will feature cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and the chance to meet many of the panelists who participated in the day-long event that features Michigan IoT Technology, experts, and much more.

VRARA Training Program LA Class: Building Great VR/AR Products

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Reserve your spot at our next class of the VRARA Training Program, taught by VR/AR Product Lead and VRARA Mentor Sami Ramly.

Building Great VR/AR Products: the Art of Product Management for Emerging Technologies

About the Class:

This class dives deep into Product best practices for anyone looking to make VR or AR and hoping to get people actually using their products - after the demo novelty has worn off. Topics to be covered include Product-Market Fit, Product Strategy, Product Development, Design, Prototyping, Monetization, Customer Development, Growth, Analytics, and more. All examples will be focused on VR/AR but some parallels will be drawn with adjacent industries. There will also be valuable learnings and applications for startups and companies in emerging technologies in general.

The typical audience includes (but is not restricted to) professionals who identify as makers, creatives, builders, creators and anyone involved in the product development process (entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, designers, product managers, developers, producers, directors, etc). If you're a marketer, evangelist, sales wizard or promoter of a VR/AR product, you will find it useful to learn what makes competing products great, good or bad, why your product with high traction could suffer in retention, and why the VR/AR product cemetery is full of has-beens and could-haves.

About Sami Ramly

Sami is a VR/AR Mentor & Faculty at VRARA, a member of the select Product Leaders group at Product That Counts in Silicon Valley, as well as a Mentor at Stanford, UCLA, USC, SIGGRAPH, LIFE, LebNet and others. He has spoken about VR & AR at CES, Digital Hollywood, Plug & Play, Hero City, UC Berkeley, UCLA Anderson, Otis, and many VRARA events. Sami is currently the VR Product Management Lead at Wevr where he heads the Product efforts for Transport, the native network for VR creatives and their audience. He also sits on the Executive Board of Predictera and the Advisory Board of Rabbit Hole VR, Stanford's VR/AR maker community, featured in Business Insider as a place where “the next big thing in VR could come.”