BroomX the VR Projector, the VR/AR Showroom from Visyon, and the Zone of Hope LBVR venue for Climate Change (Videos)

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Our VRARA Barcelona Chapter has a few new highlights to share, including:

  • BroomX - the MK Player360 can display interactive VR applications and 360° immersive media on a frameless screen: your room.

  • Visyon - an award winning Innovation Services Company providing immersive experiences through emerging technologies and creative services.

  • Zone of Hope - Launched in Jan of 2018. The Zone of Hope (TZOH) is an experience which enables visitors to experience the effects of climate change first-hand. The exhibition uses Immersive Extreme technologies to ensure a truly captivating immersion by pairing the real space with the virtual space.  


Get your Company Featured in our VR AR Ecosystem Reports

VRARA's 50+ Chapters are producing industry reports on the regional VR/AR ecosystems to promote companies and organizations involved with immersive technologies and media from NYC to Sydney, across the world.  The reports will be promoted by VRARA and our partners reaching potentially a 1M audience. 

Would you be interested to have your company featured in these report or sponsor the report? If yes, then let us know at 

Each report will specifically highlight the following:

  • Size of the local ecosystem market

  • Number of relevant companies in the ecosystem

  • List of companies and company info (size: number of employees, revenue; vertical, customers)

  • Reasons why company is based in the local ecosystem

  • Needs and hopes from and for the ecosystem

If you have any questions or are interested in being featured or sponsor, please reply to this email or email

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TAG Talent Garden Partners with the VR/AR Association in Europe

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Dec 21, Milan Italy - TAG Talent Garden is excited to introduce a new partnership with VR/AR Association (VRARA) to offer VRARA members a dedicated 15% discount on TAG campuses throughout Europe. If interested, email

What is VR/AR Association?

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies. The VRARA has 4000 companies and 15000 professionals registered and over 50 global chapters, 20 of which are throughout Europe. VRARA’s programs are designed to help anyone accelerate their growth, knowledge, and connections.

Why Talent Garden

Talent Garden operates every day to create local, vibrant campuses that empower digital tech communities and connect them globally. Through its coworking spaces, its training programmes and a variety of different events, TAG helps the community of explorers and innovators to flourish and grow.

Dedicated to tech and digital professionals, our coworking spaces features a number of unique concepts designed to support innovation, including smart workspaces, “fab-labs”, relaxation areas, TAG Cafés, event spaces, meeting rooms and classrooms.

TAG Innovation School is an educational institute aimed at supporting individuals and businesses to grow and lead in an increasingly digital world. It offers a variety of courses, bootcamps, Masters Programmes and executive training programmes.

At Talent Garden we moreover organize a series of networking activities and events, ranging from  community meetups to corporate gatherings, with the common objective of promoting and celebrating innovation.

Learn more:

Recap of VR AR at Mobile World Congress

From the VRARA Executive Dinner in Barcelona

25 executives from Google, Philips and startups participated in a roundtable dinner discussion with keynote speakers that shared their predictions and insights on what's coming up soon in 2017. We can't wait! 

We showcased the YuMe and Nielsen VR research inside the VR/AR Association booth at MWC:


From the Expo Floor: 

Optics from Carl Zeiss, which can be used in AR glasses. The genius of Carl Zeiss's solution is that it delivers images and words to the eye not with big, bulky hardware, but with a system of clear lens technology that is housed in conventional-looking eyeglass lenses. Subtle lines are visible in the lenses, comparable to the lines you can see on bifocals.


Samsung released a "teaser" marketing video of their VR + AR smartglasses prototype: