Recap of VR AR at Mobile World Congress

From the VRARA Executive Dinner in Barcelona

25 executives from Google, Philips and startups participated in a roundtable dinner discussion with keynote speakers that shared their predictions and insights on what's coming up soon in 2017. We can't wait! 

We showcased the YuMe and Nielsen VR research inside the VR/AR Association booth at MWC:


From the Expo Floor: 

Optics from Carl Zeiss, which can be used in AR glasses. The genius of Carl Zeiss's solution is that it delivers images and words to the eye not with big, bulky hardware, but with a system of clear lens technology that is housed in conventional-looking eyeglass lenses. Subtle lines are visible in the lenses, comparable to the lines you can see on bifocals.


Samsung released a "teaser" marketing video of their VR + AR smartglasses prototype: