The VR/AR Association publishes the Belgian Ecosystem Report featuring 50 Companies

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How are the European Parliament, New Balance, Volvo, and other leading companies leveraging the VR/AR ecosystem of Belgium? Why are they investing in this new technology?

Together with Howest, we decided to create this VRARA Ecosystem report, which gives up-to-date information about the VR/AR space in Belgium. Almost 50 Belgian companies shared their experience, predictions for the future, and real use cases! We kindly share this report with you to help you capitalize on the next major computing platform shift and understand why Belgium will play a role in that!


For nearly 25 years, Howest University of Applied Sciences has acted as a pioneer in the field of applied computer sciences. Anticipating the future and exploring the talents and motivation of each student, we have coached our students to become competent, highly employable, team oriented young professionals.

Introducing new bachelor programmes, inspiring hundreds of young early adopters, we have aimed to set the mark for socially relevant, practice-based education and valorisation oriented research and community service for the broad regional and international labour market.

Anticipating new trends and needs, we have designed new profiles. With our programme in Digital Arts and Entertainment, we have become part of a worldwide, cutting edge circle of trendsetters.

We have generated a practice-based, state of the art curriculum in close collaboration with all the major partners in the field of technology, creating a multidisciplinary setting, integrating education, research and community service, which allows us to create an added value for our students, staff and society as a whole. Twice we have been awarded the Rookie Award for best gaming programme worldwide.

More recently, we have developed new programmes in the field of AR, VR and – our newest programme – in applied AI. Although they are different, VR and AR share common processes and technologies such as software and data processing. They also tend to concentrate in the same business and research worlds hence creating overlapping ecosystems, as is clearly shown in ‘Virtual reality and its potential for Europe’, a paper by Ecorys (2017). VR & AR ecosystems are also closely related to the industry of artificial intelligence (AI).

Howest University of Applied Sciences has always stimulated entrepreneurship, creating a fertile soil and facilitating students and alumni in pursuing their dreams. No wonder so many names in this register have a familiar ring to them: they are alumni of Howest! Needless to say we are very proud of their achievements!

It goes without saying that none of these efforts could reach fruition without a supportive context. The Kortrijk region is wellknown for its technology giants such as Barco but also for its entrepreneurial SME’s. The town council and its mayor are valued partners. Flanders itself aims high with its Goals 2050 programme.

Howest University of Applied Sciences is rooted in enthusiasm, dedication and hard work. These values have made us the future forward organisation we have been for so many years. It is our firm intention to be the change agent for the years to come.

-- Lode De Geyter

President, Howest University of Applied Sciences