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See the Brands, Vendors, Organizations, Schools, and Media participating at the VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1-2 in Vancouver (sample list)

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The VR/AR Global Summit returns to Vancouver, Canada on Nov 1-2, 2019

The summit will bring together the VR/AR industry from around the globe to discuss topics including education, entertainment, enterprise, healthcare, retail, training, blockchain and more. Featuring keynote addresses, engaging panels, educational workshops, interesting networking opportunities, demos, exhibits, films, product launches and parties, the VR/AR Global Summit will entice and engage you from the moment you arrive.

CBC News reports on Geopogo using Magic Leap to showcase how Augmented Reality will change how we plan cities!

Attend the VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1-2 in Vancouver to learn more about VR/AR solutions for AEC.

Geopogo software and Magic Leaps headsets was used to showcase to the public a where an inner city hospital could be located. This controversial site spurred much conversation and gave community leaders the opportunity to see what an inner city hospital would look like and the benefits it would have.

AR technology will transform how we design and present cities to the public by showcasing potential futures.
— Mike Hoppe, Geopogo

VR/AR Global Summit update: sponsors & exhibitors include Microsoft, Lenovo, Niantic, Theorem Solution, LNG Studios, BCIT, VirtualWare among others

We are thrilled to confirm additional Sponsors and Exhibitors for our VR/AR Global Summit!

Get your ticket today for this world-class event taking place Nov 1-2 at the Parq Vancouver, bringing together the best knowledge and networking in VR & AR for enterprise, hardware, software and content providers from across the globe.

The VR/AR Association publishes the UK Ecosystem Report. Download here

With VR/AR, we're going to experience music, art, content and data in context with our lives. A quick search of the GOV.UK Contracts Finder site and the Digital Marketplace suggests that, in the last half-decade, there have been just 17 public-sector tenders for virtual reality projects or products. But six of these were in the first half of 2019. This includes a £700,000 project from Highways England to deliver a virtual training environment, and a three-year framework launched by housing association London and Quadrant, which will use VR/AR technology in the planning of new buildings. A wide range of universities have invested in VR or AR environments to support the teaching of engineering and other subjects. The Ministry of Defense also recently spent money on a “VR demonstrator” to showcase the technologies of the future that will play a key role in the defense sector.

This report features UK-based immersive tech pioneers in the media, advertising/marketing, gaming, enterprise training, computer vision, geolocation, telepresence, education, retail/ecommerce, journalism, healthcare, art/entertainment sectors, among others. Thanks to their involvement with the VRARA in the UK and beyond (VRARA has over 4200 companies, brands, schools registered and over 27000 professionals), we continue to demonstrate how VR and AR will change people's lives, businesses and grow the economy through innovation. This connection and collaboration seems particularly important now, as we face the UK leaving the EU, and with the potential of VR and AR to expand into a $60 billion market by 2023.

If you're not a member yet, please join us in creating this magical future. As Jay Samit puts it: "the best way to predict the future is to spend time with those creating it." And if you or your organisation plan on using VR and AR, then the VRARA and its members would love to hear about it, and we encourage you to get in touch. We can help. Email us at

Submit your information for the Netherlands VR/AR Ecosystem Report

Dear member of the Dutch VR and AR community,

The submissions for the first Dutch VR & AR ecosystem report have officially been opened.

The ecosystem report is a simple yet effective way to show what’s happening in The Netherlands. It will be distributed through the global VRARA network, grabbing attention on a global level with proof that there's something to say about VR/AR/XR in The Netherlands. We would like to invite you to be part of this report.

We found a partner that shares this ambition to put us on the global radar. StickyLock creates concepts and develops apps and games. They have created AR solutions for architecture, advertising, business cards, e-commerce and furniture and are committed to making high quality games and AR/VR/MR applications using cutting-edge technology. Thanks to their sponsorship we have the means to give all submissions a full page in the report, normally only available to VRARA members.

You can submit your response for free. All we ask you to do is to fill out the form by clicking the button below before the final submission deadline: August 16th. The first 35 submissions will have a guaranteed place in the report. Any additional submissions will be subject to review.

For other reports we have published for UK, Belgium, SF, Toronto, Taiwan, among others, please see here

The data you submit will solely be used to generate The Netherlands Ecosystem report. Here's how it will look

Please sign up before August 16th


Any questions, email

Seabery Sponsors the Training Industry Committee and has over 400+ clients worldwide. The Seabery Augmented Reality solutions are applied to skills training


Training Committee creates best practices, guidelines, and call to actions for our industry. 

Seabery is a global tech company pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) edtech solutions applied to skills training. The Seabery platform is being used by more than 400 Government and Industrial clients in 45 countries, with Germany and USA as the early adoption markets. Seabery has 65 employees.

For more info contact Alejandro Villarán Vázquez

The VR/AR Association publishes the Belgian Ecosystem Report featuring 50 Companies

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.42.54 AM.png

How are the European Parliament, New Balance, Volvo, and other leading companies leveraging the VR/AR ecosystem of Belgium? Why are they investing in this new technology?

Together with Howest, we decided to create this VRARA Ecosystem report, which gives up-to-date information about the VR/AR space in Belgium. Almost 50 Belgian companies shared their experience, predictions for the future, and real use cases! We kindly share this report with you to help you capitalize on the next major computing platform shift and understand why Belgium will play a role in that!


For nearly 25 years, Howest University of Applied Sciences has acted as a pioneer in the field of applied computer sciences. Anticipating the future and exploring the talents and motivation of each student, we have coached our students to become competent, highly employable, team oriented young professionals.

Introducing new bachelor programmes, inspiring hundreds of young early adopters, we have aimed to set the mark for socially relevant, practice-based education and valorisation oriented research and community service for the broad regional and international labour market.

Anticipating new trends and needs, we have designed new profiles. With our programme in Digital Arts and Entertainment, we have become part of a worldwide, cutting edge circle of trendsetters.

We have generated a practice-based, state of the art curriculum in close collaboration with all the major partners in the field of technology, creating a multidisciplinary setting, integrating education, research and community service, which allows us to create an added value for our students, staff and society as a whole. Twice we have been awarded the Rookie Award for best gaming programme worldwide.

More recently, we have developed new programmes in the field of AR, VR and – our newest programme – in applied AI. Although they are different, VR and AR share common processes and technologies such as software and data processing. They also tend to concentrate in the same business and research worlds hence creating overlapping ecosystems, as is clearly shown in ‘Virtual reality and its potential for Europe’, a paper by Ecorys (2017). VR & AR ecosystems are also closely related to the industry of artificial intelligence (AI).

Howest University of Applied Sciences has always stimulated entrepreneurship, creating a fertile soil and facilitating students and alumni in pursuing their dreams. No wonder so many names in this register have a familiar ring to them: they are alumni of Howest! Needless to say we are very proud of their achievements!

It goes without saying that none of these efforts could reach fruition without a supportive context. The Kortrijk region is wellknown for its technology giants such as Barco but also for its entrepreneurial SME’s. The town council and its mayor are valued partners. Flanders itself aims high with its Goals 2050 programme.

Howest University of Applied Sciences is rooted in enthusiasm, dedication and hard work. These values have made us the future forward organisation we have been for so many years. It is our firm intention to be the change agent for the years to come.

-- Lode De Geyter

President, Howest University of Applied Sciences

Virtualware and Biogen create a Virtual Reality multi-user experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Biogen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, developing therapies for neurological, autoimmune and rare diseases, with a clear focus: have the greatest impact on patients of any biotechnology company in the history of the industry.

As one of the pioneers in biotechnology, Biogen is constantly seeking cutting-edge technologies and new ways to engage professionals in the industry congresses and meetings, where they showcase how they are solving some of the most challenging and complex diseases in neurology.

For the 5th congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Oslo (Norway), Virtualware created the first multi-user immersive experience in the pharmaceutical industry where professionals could get a deeper understanding of two complex diseases: Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

A large-scale collaborative all-in-one solution (50m2 | x4 users) where visitors could learn about the two showcasing pathologies by playing engaging missions. Virtualware provided content development and equipment, deployed and managed by VIROO (Virtualware’s proprietary software platform), and full support during the congress.

1st Multi-user VR Experience
9.8 Overall rating
300K views on Youtube

More info here

New Immersive Environment: Station IX (VR without goggles)

In early 2018, Imagine 4D, a Montreal-based tech company, launched Station IX. They are excited about Station IX, an immersive 3D display environment, because it differs from other solutions on the market. Their display environment makes use of Reflected Reality ™, which allows users to see 3D content without VR goggles, or head-mounted displays (HMDs).

Reflected Reality ™ simultaneously uses seven curved mirrors, seven projectors, and a large curved screen to surround users in a 3D virtual world.

Without HMDs, users can collaborate freely and enjoy 3D content without the common limitations of virtual reality, such as VR sickness, eye fatigue, and loss of spatial awareness. Their team has taken every measure to create a space that is shared and comfortable.

Imagine 4D believes that VR/AR, and Station IX specifically, can change how businesses operate. Military professionals, for example, can train for high-risk scenarios in safe environments. Similarly, cabin crews can familiarize themselves with aircrafts and emergency procedures before takeoff. Architects and real estate developers can also design, visualize, and present their projects to clients in a collaborative space unrestricted by VR goggles. These are just a few industry use cases; Station IX can be used for a variety of applications in many fields. The possibilities are endless!

If you would like more information about their new immersive technology, please contact us at

The VR/AR Association appoints Kevin Carpenter of Siemens as Co-Chair of the Energy Industry Committee

To participate in the Committee, email

The Energy Committee of the VR/AR Association serves as a resource to promote the application of VR/AR technology in confronting the challenges posed by the energy transition. The committee will enable the sharing of best practices and information on VR/AR related applications in the energy industry as well as curate industry relevant case studies. Furthermore, the committee will, as necessary, shape and recommend best practices for the scaling of VR/AR applications across the energy industry.

Some areas that the Committee will focus, include:

  • Data visualization

  • Learning & Training for industry specific needs

  • Safety & EHS as pertains to the energy industry

  • Guided assistance of factory workers & field technicians in the energy industry

Kevin Carpenter is currently Head of the Global Operations Technical Education and Competence Center Network for Siemens Power Service Power & Gas with technical education and competence centers located throughout the United States, Germany, China & Egypt. Kevin recently spoke at our VRARA Enterprise Summit

As a co-chair, Kevin will work with the Association and industry at large to create a community of thought-leaders committed to the application of VR/AR technology in solving the problems associated with the energy industry and its transition. Together we will establish a regular forum for exchange that will include industry relevant guest speakers and information exchange; This will include webinars and panels at events, in addition to industry guidelines and best practices publications.

To participate in the Committee, email

This Thursday, join us live online for our Storytelling expert panel presenting the latest work with Accenture, Deutche Telekom, Verizon, The Morgan Library, Carnegie Museum, and others

RSVP here

Our Storytelling Committee will present the latest case studies, use cases and best practices for how VR/AR is used in Storytelling.

Call for Sponsors: 3D Modeling Standards and Guidelines for Virtual and Augmented Reality

If interested in sponsoring, email

Over the past few months, the VR/AR Association’s 3D Working Group within the Retail Committee has been working on these 3D Modeling Standards and Guidelines for VR/AR/Web. We are now ready to publish and help the industry accelerate VR/AR adoption. We are seeking Sponsors to help us with this effort.


Many retailers, especially those with a strong e-commerce presence, are now using 3D to help customers better visualize their products. Today, the majority of that 3D content is being used behind the scenes to create traditional imagery. As VR and AR become mainstream, brands and retailers are increasing looking to be able to repurpose their 3D assets for these experiences. There are some challenges in optimizing 3D models for AR/VR/Web and these guidelines aim to make it easier for everyone to create models that look consistent on any platform.

A note about openness vs trade secrets: Companies that were early to the 3D space rightfully would like to protect their investments and competitive advantage, but also understand that the best value for those assets comes when consumers expect them as part of their shopping experience. To strike a balance, these Modeling Standards and Guidelines only focus on real-time 3D assets and the contributors will keep their render-ready asset production processes as trade secrets.

Main Authors:

  1. Mike Festa, 3XR

  2. Sumit Goyal, Overstock 

  3. Thomas Huang, Target 

  4. Manil Bastola, Aisle411

  5. Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab 

  6. Josh Belay, InContext Solutions

  7. Jeff Hunt, Snap36

  8. Saurabh Bhatia, Microsoft

  9. Ross McKegney, Adobe

  10. Kevin, Farnham, Mirra

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 12.05.24 PM.png

Discover the Brain Science Behind Augmented Reality (New Report)

How can industrial companies capture knowledge from retiring experts and deliver it to new workers? 

The brain learns most effectively when it’s presented with information in real-time and in the flow of work. This “learning by doing” approach engages multiple learning and memory systems in the brain. 

To overcome the growing workforce skills gap, expert workers need to transfer the know-how and behavioral skills that they draw from on-the-job to newer, inexperienced workers. 

Download this report from Amalgam Insights to learn how industrial companies can use AR to:

  • Simultaneously engage cognitive, experiential, and behavioral skills learning systems in the brain

  • Record step-by-step directions quickly and accurately in a format that is easy to understand

  • Train both the subject matter expertise and behavioral skills repertoire of new workers

Discover why solutions that are optimized for the way that the brain learns can speed time to productivity while reducing training costs. Download Now

VR/AR Association Publishes the Taiwan Ecosystem Report for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; Big Opportunities in Medical/Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma

Members can download the report from our Cloud Drive. To apply for Membership, click here

Big Opportunities in Medical/Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma for VRAR (x AI x IoT + other emerging technologies e.g. blockchain)

Taiwan companies will be represented at our VR/AR Global Summit Vancouver Nov 1-2. More info here

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.05.54 AM.png

Taiwan is sometimes called the "Asian Miracle", a small island of just 23.5 million people, yet it has become one of the top 20 economies in the world, hub of APAC/ASEAN and bridge to China. Taiwan is currently undergoing a digital renaissance with billions of dollars being dedicated to building a "Asian Silicon Valley" and "5 + 2" Industrial Innovation Plan. Taiwan has some of the best talent in the world, consistently ranking globally in the top 5 or 10 of STEM scores. The Digital Giants are investing heavily to develop Emerging Technologies in Taiwan. Taiwan provides a wonderful environment to do business or start a company. One can now find literally hundreds of startup events, incubators and accelerators. Besides all this Taiwan is consistently listed as one of the top 10 or 20 Best Places in the World to Live, Best Places to Travel, Best Places for Foreigners to Live and Work!

By being strategically situated in Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan is an excellent route for foreign companies into the emerging healthcare economies of Asia, while also being an ideal platform, from which to enter the Chinese market. Taiwan’s welcoming culture and reliable business environment underpin the potential for strong partnerships. Joint R&D opportunities lie in Taiwan’s ICT strengths, as Taiwan excels in hardware development with a well-established and professional supply chain. Taiwan’s leading ICT giants are actively seeking investment opportunities and R&D projects as they diversify into the healthcare industry. They welcome horizontal and vertical integration models of emerging technologies such as VRAR, especially for medical devices and healthcare services through M&A or forming strategic partnerships.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 9.57.02 AM.png

In the biotechnology sector, capitalization of local publicly-listed biotech companies is valued at $23.9B USD with a total revenue of 7B USD up 17% since 2015. With over 105 bio-related IPO companies, Taiwan is a prime location for industry investment, partnerships, and licensing opportunities, as a result pharmaceutical companies like GSK and AstraZeneca are actively running clinical R&D centres in Taiwan. Taiwan is a significant global market, with National Health Expenditure accounting for 6.3% of GDP (34.7B USD) this is expected to grow annually at a rate of 4.8%. It applies WHO/FDA healthcare standards and has a high level of IP protection. Taiwan’s high quality universal health coverage single payer National Health Insurance (NHI) program covers 99.9% of the island’s 23.5 million population with public satisfaction at 83.1%. Looking ahead Taiwan has a number of serious health challenges that need to be addressed, not least of all an aging population, international cooperation will be vital to solving these issues.

Taiwan companies will be represented at our VR/AR Global Summit Vancouver Nov 1-2. More info here

Recap of VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx - our Members gave stellar presentations to the industry on the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Solutions

We invite you to participate in our VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1&2 in Vancouver! More info here

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) partnered with LiveWorx to host the VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx 2019 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. LiveWorx is the world’s most respected digital transformation conference for the enterprise to experience the most innovative and disruptive technologies — VR/AR, IIoT, machine learning, blockchain, robotics and much more.

VRARA Members had the opportunity to present to some of the top industrial companies from across the globe like Applied Materials, Arcadis, Boeing, ExxonMobil, Franke, Hasbro, Johnson & Johnson, Julabo, Medtronic, Miller & Long, Toro, Sajo, Shell, Siemens, Sprint, Unilever, Zimmer Biomet, Vaillant Group, Verisk. Presentations included topics on AEC, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Training.


Kris Kolo of VRARA and Cathy Hackl VRARA’s Board of Advisors & Enterprise Strategy at Magic Leap.

Enterprise VR/AR Spending is expected to reach $13-20B in 2019, and experience a 89% growth to $120B by 2023. So, where are Enterprises spending all of that money? And are they getting the value out of this level of investment in VR/AR? Matt Short of Accenture from our Silicon Valley Chapter shared with us what Accenture is seeing in the market and where their clients are spending the money.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 9.23.28 AM.png

Dan Cotting of Shockoe from our Virginia Chapter gave an excellent overview of strategy for delivering a rapid return on enterprise VR/AR. Dan has worked with clients like Lexus, JB Hunt, Arrow Electronics which has helped shape his beliefs that VR/AR are poised to usher in an entirely new approach to business operations.


Raj Puran, Intel from our Austin Chapter talked about how Intel is driving VR into enterprise and how to overcome the resistance of adopting new technologies.

Marlo Brooke of Avatar Partners from our LA Chapter demonstrated to us an example of how VR/AR is used in the commercial construction industry.

Sivan Iram, Lenovo from our Silicon Valley Chapter demonstrated the newly announced ThinkReality Platform and AR headset from Lenovo, and gave us some great insights!

Frank Black of HTC Vive Enterprise shared with us high-value use-cases from the DoD, Healthcare, and Emergency Response sectors.

Chad Eikhoff of Trick 3D Studios from our Atlanta Chapter along with their customer InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), discussed an end-to-end enterprise strategy how VR/AR can be used across sales, design, marketing, and design departments in enterprises.

John Cunningham of DiSTI Corporation, from our Orlando Chapter (which is considered to be the Modeling & Simulation Center of the US!) organized an amazing panel on the use of VR/AR in Aerospace.

A fascinating group presentation on healthcare and VR/AR was given by Zimmer Biomet and Precision OS’s Danny Goel, a practicing Surgeon and CEO from our Vancouver Chapter. Together, they are reimagining the educational landscape for health care professionals.

Geof Wheelwright of Atheer, from our SF Chapter and Chair of our Enterprise Committee organized an excellent panel that explored where VR/AR are getting the most traction and how the market has evolved over the last couple of years.

Corporations invested $87B on Training in 2018 and according to Nielsen reports, Enterprises can save 15% ($13B) on Training with VR/AR; VR has retention rates of 75% while traditional methods are only 10%. Jonathan Moss of Sprint Retail Stores and a Member from our Missouri Chapter and Co-Chair of our Retail Committee showed how he’s using VR to train his staff and the ROI benefits. Our Training panel of speakers further discussed VR/AR and Training with additional real-world use cases from Tom Turner of Exxon Mobil and Jay Fraser, HP.

Our AEC specific presentations included Katy Rupp of Ghafari and member from our Detroit Chapter, Aubrey Tucker of ETRO Construction, and a member from our Vancouver Chapter, Vivek Sharma of Magic Leap, and a panel moderated by Mike Festa, VRARA’s Boston Chapter President.

Next we had a Group Presentation focusing on 2 case studies - Siemens Power/Gas & HP Digital Printing and how VR/AR is being used to improve technician and field services.

A recent Gartner report stated "The biggest barrier to the adoption of VR/AR is the lack of good user experience," and Clare Bond of EPAM Systems from our SF Chapter showed us how we can bring experience design to VR/AR.

Thank you again to our Summit sponsors!

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 8.51.49 AM.png
HTC Vive VRARA Enterprise Summit.jpg

We invite you to participate in our VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1&2 in Vancouver! More info here

Here's a Sample list of Companies participating at our VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx June 10th. You can still save $800 for LiveWorx June 10-13

Get tickets here!

The VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx starts next week on Monday, June 10th, taking place at at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. LiveWorx is June 10-13. With our Summit ticket, you save $800 on the LiveWorx All-Access-Pass (4 days)!

Our Summit will bring together the best minds in VR/AR from across the globe. Presentations from industry leaders will include topics on AEC, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Training, UX & Design, and much more.

LiveWorx is the world's most respected conference for the enterprise to experience the most innovative and disruptive technologies — VR/AR, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, robotics and much more. 6500+ attendees are expected. LiveWorx is June 10-13.

Below are sample of companies attending the Summit and more info about the events:

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 1.40.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 2.09.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 2.11.57 PM.png
  • June 10th at LiveWorx (LiveWorx is June 10-13)

  • 30 Sessions, Panels, Demos. 40 Speakers

  • Presentations & demos from Accenture, Atheer, Boeing, ExxonMobil, Fidelity, Intel, Julabo, Lenovo, HP, HTC, Magic Leap, Siemens, Sprint, Zimmer Biomet, and others.

  • Meet executives from Applied Materials, Arcadis, FlightSafety, Franke, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Miller & Long, Toro, Sajo, Shell, Sprint, Unilever, Vaillant Group, Verisk, Whirpool, and other industrial corporations looking for VR/AR solutions!

  • Networking Lunch, Breaks, and Reception

  • $800 discount for LiveWorx All-Access-Pass (4 days)!

  • See the event page to learn more!

  • June 10-13 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

  • 6500+ attendees, 640+ speakers, 240+ sessions, and a 200,000 sq. ft. exhibit hall filled with VR/AR, IIoT, Robotics, and Enterprise solutions.

  • See Event website here

  • Demographics from 2018:

LiveWorx VR AR.png

Ticket Prices go up May 31st! Register now for our VRARA Enterprise Summit & LiveWorx and save $800! See you June 10-13 in Boston!

  • June 10th at LiveWorx (LiveWorx is June 10-13)

  • 30 Sessions, Panels, Demos. 40 Speakers

  • Presentations & demos from Accenture, Atheer, Boeing, ExxonMobil, Fidelity, Intel, Julabo, Lenovo, HP, HTC, Magic Leap, Siemens, Sprint, Zimmer Biomet, and others.

  • Meet executives from Applied Materials, Arcadis, FlightSafety, Franke, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Miller & Long, Toro, Sajo, Shell, Sprint, Unilever, Vaillant Group, Verisk, Whirpool, and other industrial corporations looking for VR/AR solutions!

  • Networking Lunch, Breaks, and Reception

  • $800 discount for LiveWorx All-Access-Pass (4 days)!

  • See the event page to learn more!

  • June 10-13 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

  • 6500+ attendees, 640+ speakers, 240+ sessions, and a 200,000 sq. ft. exhibit hall filled with VR/AR, IIoT, Robotics, and Enterprise solutions.

  • See Event website here

  • Demographics from 2018:

LiveWorx VR AR.png