Viacom will speak at VR/AR Global Summit. The team helped VR AR spring to life in Nickelodeon, MTV VMAs, and Comedy Central

Join us at the VR/AR Global Summit - North America, Nov 1-2 in Vancouver here

The VR/AR Global Summit - North America is Nov 1-2 in Vancouver.  With over 230 companies active in VR/AR, Vancouver is the 2nd largest immersive ecosystem in the world. This is the 4th time the show is happening in Vancouver and this year’s Summit is sponsored, in part, by Viacom’s Advanced Advertising group, among others. The Summit will have a strong focus on immersive interaction design. 

Vancouver is also the #1 VFX & Animation cluster globally, the #3 largest Film & TV production centre, and a top 10 video game dev centre. Vancouver is proving how important it is to leverage the convergence of film, visual effects, animation, games, and VR AR technology.

Viacom's Advanced Advertising Innovation Products team matches and operates emerging tech in support of sales needs. 

Augmented Reality effects clearly visible at 1min 15secs - amazing show!

The team helped VR/AR spring to life in Nickelodeon (KCS, KCA, Henry Danger, Loud House), MTV (VMA's Missy Elliot Vanguard), and most recently Comedy Central (Your Brain On Clusterfest). 

Group lead, Diego J Medina, will be talking about the unique multiplicative quality VR/AR has of voicing IP and audiences through technology. PLUS, how VR and AR has a unique place in on the ground experiences for concerts and festival goers! 

Join us at the VR/AR Global Summit - North America, Nov 1-2 in Vancouver here