20 days to go! Here's the detailed schedule for our VR/AR Global Summit

See you in Vancouver Oct 31-Nov 2!

This is the 4th year the event is happening in Vancouver and this year's Key Sponsors include Lenovo, Microsoft, Niantic, Raytheon, Viacom and participation from brands like Boeing, Canadian Tire, Hasbro, Julabo, Lockheed Martin, Mastercard, Siemens, Telus, Walmart and companies like Apple, Amazon, HTC, HP, IBM, Intel, Magic Leap, Pico, Qualcomm, Varjo. Also, participating organizations include the US Navy, World Bank, Stanford Hospital, SSH, and media: Forbes, Fortune, Time Magazine, VR Scout.

Schedule Highlights:

Thursday Oct 31:

  • Registration desk opens

  • VIP Reception

Friday Nov 1

  • The Future of AR: From Games to Mainstream Adoption & Beyond (Niantic)

  • Bringing Spatial Computing to Enterprise (HTC & Magic Leap)

  • Solving for the Massive Skilled Workforce Shortage: How Scalable AR/VR Enterprise Solutions Will Impact Workforce Productivity (Lenovo)

  • AR Cloud (6d .ai)

  • Convergence: How the World Will Be Painted with Data (Charlie Fink)

  • VR/AR For Poverty Reduction Initiatives (World Bank)

  • VR: From Inception to Impact in Global Training and the Workplace (MasterCard)

  • EXPO

  • Developing AR & Automotive (MapBox)

  • Enabling AR at Scale for Enterprise Technology Support (IBM)

  • Engaging & Designing for Kids and Youth (Hasbro)

  • Clinical Applications of Immersive Technologies in Pediatric Healthcare (Stanford)

  • VR/AR and Festivals: How Viacom is Working in the Space (Viacom)

  • AR/VR Applications in Sports (Intel Sports)

  • 5G and AI: Transforming the Next Generation of Enterprise VR/AR

  • Speed Dating

Sat Nov 2

  • VRARA Women

  • EXPO

  • Speed Dating

  • What is Coming in Healthcare VR/AR (Medical)

  • Building Large Scale VR Experiences for Theme Parks (LBE)

  • Using VR and AR in Training: How Enterprise is Changing (Enterprise)

  • Healthcare and VR and AR Panel (Medical)

  • Deploying at Scale: What can the Entertainment Sector Teach our Industry (Entertainment)

  • How VR and AR are Influencing Education (Education)

  • The New Role of VR and AR in Advertising (Marketing)

  • Amazon Sumerian Presentation (Enterprise)

  • Fitness/Sports (Sports)

  • Expert Storytelling in VR/AR (Storytelling)

  • Soft Skills in Virtual Reality: Creating an Inclusive Workplace (Training)

  • Social VR (Social)

  • Sound and Music in VR/AR: The New Revolution (Entertainment)

  • Art and Immersive Design (Art)

  • Using VR and AR for Inclusion in Education (Education)

  • Gaming and Design in VR (Gaming)

  • VR and AR in Architecture and Design (AEC)

  • Hospitality and Tourism: A New and Immersive Approach (Travel)

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About the VR/AR Global Summit

Hosted by the VR/AR Association, this world-class conference and expo will welcome 1000+ Executives, 120+ Speakers and Exhibitors from leading companies like Lenovo, Microsoft, Niantic, Viacom, and so many more. With over 230 companies active in VR/AR, Vancouver is the 2nd largest immersive ecosystem in the world. Learn more at vrarglobalsummit.com

About VR/AR Association

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international organization designed to facilitate collaboration between innovative companies and people in the VR and AR ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies. Over 4000 companies, brands, schools and 27,000 professionals are registered with VRARA and 20 industry committees are working on best practices & guidelines for the industry. Learn more at thevrara.com