Unlocking AR for Everyone (Niantic Real World Platform)

Come see Niantic present at the VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1-2

Despite the progress in tools and software, and no shortage of ideas, AR is still limited to the earliest of adopters. Niantic is making a big push to establish a development platform to dramatically simplify the ability for any developer – not just major brands – to make immersive and globally scalable AR experiences for mainstream consumers.

Earlier this year, Ross Finman, Head of AR Strategy at Niantic, joined Jason McDowall on the AR Show podcast to discuss the Niantic Real World Platform. The conversation evolves from Ross's humble beginnings on a Llama farm to selling his company to the world's most successful AR game developer. 

The core of the conversation focuses on Niantic’s ambitions in AR that go well beyond creating massively popular games such as Pokemon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. They discuss the challenges of the AR Cloud and the need to map and understand the real world. They consider the challenges of incorporating private versus public spaces, and some of the impacts Niantic is having on the real world today.

As a bonus, author Kevin Kelly (Welcome to Mirrorworld) asks Ross about the intersection of AR and robotics. Listen to the full interview

Join us at the VR/AR Global Summit 2019 where the conversation continues. There, Ross and Jason will explore what types of experiences may compel mass adoption of AR, the technology gaps remaining to create those experiences, and the challenges of building awareness and adoption.