Webinar expert panel: "Next generation HMDs and the killer app for VR"

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This Friday, the 15th of February at 10am EST / 4pm CET, the European Photonics Industry Consortium will be moderating this VR/AR Association Location-Based Entertainment Committee Panel Discussion that intends to tackle the tough questions of hardware and software for immersive technology.

Both groups have invited key members to discuss the optics and displays that make VR possible in the first place and what it will look in the next generation headsets to come.

Moderated by Jose Pozo, the CTO at EPIC, his guest include:

  • Leland Hedges, Commercial Director at Pico Interactive

  • Marek Polčák, Co-founder at VRgineers

  • Dr. Zine Bouhamri, Market & Technology Analyst at Yole Développement

This webinar highlights not only the future market trends, but also the challenges and successes for the Photonics Industry developing for Virtual Reality headsets. You will also come out with more clearer understanding of the nuts and bolts behind VR. Register for free here (click on Upcoming).