Location-Based (Co-Located) Committee 

Interested to participate, co-chair, or sponsor? Email info@thevrara.com  


Think VOID or other venue based VR experiences. 

VR experiences designed for participants who are in the same physical and virtual location have a unique set of affordances and challenges. Join representatives from NYU's Future Reality Lab and other leaders to develop the theory and practice of co-located VR.

Location based VR is a rarity in no small part because the space and equipment required to develop these kinds of projects is many times that of the requirements for simpler, one person experiences. There is also a lack of venues, as in, there are no venues yet. Developers not only need to develop the experience but also provide the hardware and find the space. In addition to a dearth of outlets there is a dearth of projects that have been developed for this medium. While larger companies with big budgets will play a big role the development of this space, it is the indie developers that are in a better position to take the kinds of risks that will push the medium forward more quickly.

Part of the mission of the Location Based committee will be to develop relationships between content creators and venues and to lower the barrier of entry for indie developers. 


  1. Roman Coolicoff, SKM
  2. To be announced

Participants include: 

  1. NYU
  2. SKM
  3. Activate Your Mind VR
  4. Finger Food Studios Inc.
  5. Howard Schargel, VRARA Seattle
  6. You?

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