LBE Arcades Haptics Committee

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Think VOID or other venue based VR experiences. 

VR experiences designed for participants who are in the same physical and virtual location have a unique set of affordances and challenges. Join representatives from Disney and leaders to develop the theory and practice of location-based entertainment or venue-based VR.

Part of the mission of the Location Based committee will be to develop relationships between content creators and venues and to lower the barrier of entry for indie developers. 


  1. Philip Wogart
  2. Ben Unsworth
  3. Todd Fuchs, The Holodeck
  4. Paul Rothbein
  5. Vacant - if interested, email

Participants include: 

  1. Dream Sail Games
  2. Disney (Walt Disney Parks & Resorts)
  3. Kaaya Tech
  4. OmniverseVR
  5. Revintu
  6. Teslasuit
  7. The Holodeck
  8. SKM
  9. Ultraphaptics
  10. VR Lines
  11. Others
  12. You?


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