LBVR: The Nuts & Bolts of Location Based Virtual Reality

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The Location-Based Entertainment Committee is following up on its Free Roam VR webinar with another stellar cast of panelists lined-up for Halloween! The ensemble of experts with more than 20 years combined experience running location-based entertainment includes Daisy Berns (Exit Reality), Will Stackable (SpringboardVR), Ryan Burningham (Virtual Athletic League), and Sebastian Kreutz (Holocafé).

Our go-to moderator Charlie Fink will be tackling the difficult issues that venues and virtual reality are facing to see profitable margins in these businesses. The deep dive we will be exploring everything form operations and marketing to pricing and throughput. Other hot topics the group will be examining is infrastructure and real estate. This is a not to be missed session for those interested in tapping the projected consumer spend of $809 million in the next couple years. Join us for what will hopefully be a less than scary look into the world of LBVR!

Register for the webinar here