Recap of VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx - our Members gave stellar presentations to the industry on the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Solutions

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The VR/AR Association (VRARA) partnered with LiveWorx to host the VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx 2019 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. LiveWorx is the world’s most respected digital transformation conference for the enterprise to experience the most innovative and disruptive technologies — VR/AR, IIoT, machine learning, blockchain, robotics and much more.

VRARA Members had the opportunity to present to some of the top industrial companies from across the globe like Applied Materials, Arcadis, Boeing, ExxonMobil, Franke, Hasbro, Johnson & Johnson, Julabo, Medtronic, Miller & Long, Toro, Sajo, Shell, Siemens, Sprint, Unilever, Zimmer Biomet, Vaillant Group, Verisk. Presentations included topics on AEC, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Training.


Kris Kolo of VRARA and Cathy Hackl VRARA’s Board of Advisors & Enterprise Strategy at Magic Leap.

Enterprise VR/AR Spending is expected to reach $13-20B in 2019, and experience a 89% growth to $120B by 2023. So, where are Enterprises spending all of that money? And are they getting the value out of this level of investment in VR/AR? Matt Short of Accenture from our Silicon Valley Chapter shared with us what Accenture is seeing in the market and where their clients are spending the money.

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Dan Cotting of Shockoe from our Virginia Chapter gave an excellent overview of strategy for delivering a rapid return on enterprise VR/AR. Dan has worked with clients like Lexus, JB Hunt, Arrow Electronics which has helped shape his beliefs that VR/AR are poised to usher in an entirely new approach to business operations.


Raj Puran, Intel from our Austin Chapter talked about how Intel is driving VR into enterprise and how to overcome the resistance of adopting new technologies.

Marlo Brooke of Avatar Partners from our LA Chapter demonstrated to us an example of how VR/AR is used in the commercial construction industry.

Sivan Iram, Lenovo from our Silicon Valley Chapter demonstrated the newly announced ThinkReality Platform and AR headset from Lenovo, and gave us some great insights!

Frank Black of HTC Vive Enterprise shared with us high-value use-cases from the DoD, Healthcare, and Emergency Response sectors.

Chad Eikhoff of Trick 3D Studios from our Atlanta Chapter along with their customer InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), discussed an end-to-end enterprise strategy how VR/AR can be used across sales, design, marketing, and design departments in enterprises.

John Cunningham of DiSTI Corporation, from our Orlando Chapter (which is considered to be the Modeling & Simulation Center of the US!) organized an amazing panel on the use of VR/AR in Aerospace.

A fascinating group presentation on healthcare and VR/AR was given by Zimmer Biomet and Precision OS’s Danny Goel, a practicing Surgeon and CEO from our Vancouver Chapter. Together, they are reimagining the educational landscape for health care professionals.

Geof Wheelwright of Atheer, from our SF Chapter and Chair of our Enterprise Committee organized an excellent panel that explored where VR/AR are getting the most traction and how the market has evolved over the last couple of years.

Corporations invested $87B on Training in 2018 and according to Nielsen reports, Enterprises can save 15% ($13B) on Training with VR/AR; VR has retention rates of 75% while traditional methods are only 10%. Jonathan Moss of Sprint Retail Stores and a Member from our Missouri Chapter and Co-Chair of our Retail Committee showed how he’s using VR to train his staff and the ROI benefits. Our Training panel of speakers further discussed VR/AR and Training with additional real-world use cases from Tom Turner of Exxon Mobil and Jay Fraser, HP.

Our AEC specific presentations included Katy Rupp of Ghafari and member from our Detroit Chapter, Aubrey Tucker of ETRO Construction, and a member from our Vancouver Chapter, Vivek Sharma of Magic Leap, and a panel moderated by Mike Festa, VRARA’s Boston Chapter President.

Next we had a Group Presentation focusing on 2 case studies - Siemens Power/Gas & HP Digital Printing and how VR/AR is being used to improve technician and field services.

A recent Gartner report stated "The biggest barrier to the adoption of VR/AR is the lack of good user experience," and Clare Bond of EPAM Systems from our SF Chapter showed us how we can bring experience design to VR/AR.

Thank you again to our Summit sponsors!

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We invite you to participate in our VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1&2 in Vancouver! More info here