Luxsonic is awarded a contract by the Canadian Space Agency to help define the future of Medical Training during Deep Space Missions using Virtual Reality

As humanity reaches out to explore the solar system, it will be critical to maintain the health and wellness of astronauts. During deep space missions, communication with Earth could be difficult, so medical assistance from Earth may not be available. Medical evacuation, in times of emergency, will be impossible.

The Crew Medical Officer and other crew members will need to maintain and test their basic clinical skills. They will also need to learn new skills during the voyage and have instant access to medical information, like crew health data or diagnostic images. All of these needs will have to be addressed with the limited resources that can be taken on board the space craft. Luxsonic plans to use virtual reality technology to meet these requirements.

The CaregiVR Medical Support System is a technology concept being developed by Luxsonic for the CSA. CaregiVR could provide the crew of long-duration space missions with an advanced tool for medical education, training, and skills assessment. It could also be an integral part of overall ship medical systems, giving astronauts the support they need to stay healthy as they venture out into the solar system. Luxsonic is excited to develop the CaregiVR Medical Support System technology concept, which may one day contribute to the health and well-being of astronauts on deep-space missions.

See the Announcement from the CSA here

About Luxsonic:

Luxsonic develops virtual reality applications that are used by some of the most innovative Canadian healthcare institutions. Our VR software products improve medical education, training, and healthcare delivery while reducing operational costs for our clients. SieVRt, Canada’s first virtual reality medical imaging system allows physicians to view and interact with complex medical imaging data in an intuitive, user friendly, and distraction free virtual environment. It is currently available for sale in North America through our Clinical Innovator Program. Luxsonic is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has a satellite office in Toronto, Ontario.

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