Apple Acquires FlyBy Media AR Tech & Team

By Kris Kolodziei, NYC Chapter President, the VRARA

I had the privilege and opportunity of being an advisor to FlyBy Media, which just got acquired by Apple. FlyBy Media’s mission was to create powerful new technologies to bridge the physical and digital worlds.

FlyBy Media developed Shimmer, an AR app which uses the phone’s camera and FlyBy Media’s vision technology. When inside a store, shoppers aim their phone’s camera at a product to discover more information about the product. It makes shopping interesting, especially for curious shoppers. Imagine this technology being preloaded on the iPhone and being native to the iPhone's camera. This opens up a huge opportunity for next-generation shopping experiences for retailers and shoppers. 

In addition, FlyBy Media licensed its indoor location and mapping technology components Google’s Advanced Technology and Products Group and supported Project Tango.  FlyBy also developed a proprietary iPhone based product to create scalable floor plans for integration into Apple’s MapsConnect program (to enable indoor “blue dot” location positioning).   


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