VR/AR in the Big Apple

By Kris  Kolodziej, NYC Chapter President, the VRARA

Last week, I had the opportunity to present to about 40 VR/AR enthusiasts and professionals, during an event in NYC meeting hosted by Augmate.  

With the exception of one hardware vendor, most of this group was focused on VR/AR software and content. There were several folks interested in VR/AR Media (i.e., video), which aligns with Samsung’s newly launched New York VR Movie Studio. The studio will produce VR movies, aligned with Samsung's partnership with the Sundance film festival to foster new immersive experiences.

The event host, Augmate, enables IT departments to securely manage smart wearable device location, battery levels, usage analytics, communication to employees, and policy management. It partners with 60+ application solution providers for end-user solutions. It also has work zone positioning systems (beacons) for geofences and contextual awareness managed with our platform.

Stay tuned for more news from the VRARA's NYC chapter, including next month's chapter launch event.