Is VR sickness still a big factor for mainstream adoption? Watch this!

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Design Interactive presented research, findings and recommendations conducted by the US Army and the University of Central Florida.

The webinar received great reviews and feedback:

"Great talk, great presenters and content, discussing highly relevant and important factors in ensuring VR/AR can be enjoyed by everyone."

“It's great getting good design guidelines and understanding of our actual physical responses to VR and AR. It's not new; the science is out there.”

“Fantastic presentation. I particularly appreciated the evidence/science based approach to the general VR sickness issue. I think more VR designers need to understand the principals here. I've often said, with a nod to the buggles, that VR will kill the VR star. We can kill VR by making people sick; it's not fun. I also think every VR manufacturer needs to read this and understand how important IPD is. Bravo, thanks to the presenters.”

Watch here