VR/AR Global Summit: LBE program highlights for Nov 1&2: Microsoft, Niantic, Viacom, DreamCraft, VR Studios! Vancouver's game cluster includes Electronic Arts, Capcom, Nintendo!

For more info see www.vrarglobalsummit.com

On Nov 1 & 2 in Vancouver, the VR/AR Global Summit will bring together industry frontrunners from around the world to discuss the present and future of VR/AR for Location-Based VR/AR Entertainment.

Vancouver has one of the top Video Game clusters in the world — one that includes major publishers such as, Electronic Arts (EA), Microsoft, Capcom and Nintendo.

And, don't miss the Keynote by Niantic, the world's most successful AR game developer! And the Keynote by Viacom, who produced the phenomenal AR show at the MTV’s VMA's Missy Elliot Vanguard!

Below are some initial Summit program highlights related to LBE and Attractions:

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  • Viacom's Advanced Advertising Innovation Products team matches and operates emerging tech in support of sales needs. The team helped VR/AR spring to life in Nickelodeon (KCS, KCA, Henry Danger, Loud House), MTV (VMA's Missy Elliot Vanguard), and most recently Comedy Central (Your Brain On Clusterfest). Group lead, Diego J Medina, will be talking about the unique multiplicative quality VR/AR has of voicing IP and audiences through technology. PLUS, how VR and AR has a unique place in on the ground experiences for concerts and festival goers!

  • Niantic, Inc. creates some of today's most popular AR games. But what does the future look like for Niantic and the rest of the AR industry? Ross Finman, Head of AR Strategy at Niantic, will discuss the future of AR; from games to mainstream adoption and beyond.

  • Plus:

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For more info see www.vrarglobalsummit.com