Discover the Brain Science Behind Augmented Reality (New Report)

How can industrial companies capture knowledge from retiring experts and deliver it to new workers? 

The brain learns most effectively when it’s presented with information in real-time and in the flow of work. This “learning by doing” approach engages multiple learning and memory systems in the brain. 

To overcome the growing workforce skills gap, expert workers need to transfer the know-how and behavioral skills that they draw from on-the-job to newer, inexperienced workers. 

Download this report from Amalgam Insights to learn how industrial companies can use AR to:

  • Simultaneously engage cognitive, experiential, and behavioral skills learning systems in the brain

  • Record step-by-step directions quickly and accurately in a format that is easy to understand

  • Train both the subject matter expertise and behavioral skills repertoire of new workers

Discover why solutions that are optimized for the way that the brain learns can speed time to productivity while reducing training costs. Download Now