VR/AR Association New York Chapter Celebrates 3 Years at NYC RLAB

The third anniversary of the VR/AR Association (VRARA) New York Chapter was a positive snapshot on the growth of the immersive industry in the greater New York area in the past few years. The event was hosted on Tuesday evening, May 21st, at RLAB, the massive space that the City of New York opened in late-November, 2018. RLAB hosts several companies, including members of its XR Beta program, and is being built out as a larger facility for immersive innovation, including volumetric capture space.

As VRARA has grown globally, so too has its New York chapter, and this mirrors the broader focus on the VR/AR industry in New York, which embraces enterprise and consumer firms alike.


The event featured demos from VR/AR Beta companies, as well as Mantis Vision (http://mantis-vision.com), and remarks by RLAB’s Alexis Seeley and VRARA New York chapter advisor Chris Pfaff. And, of course, numerous demos of mobile AR experiences were shown by VRARA members as well.

Mantis Vision’s mo-cap installation, and some of its forthcoming collaboration tools, were a major hit at the event. Unseen Media, a narrative AR game developer, demonstrated its soon-to-be-released game, while echoAR, and AR-focused CMS and CDN provider, and SIY (Speak it Yourself, a VR-based language instruction firm, demonstrated their solutions as well.