Additional Highlights for our upcoming VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx

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Tim Merel, Founder, Digi-Capital

Hard ROI from Enterprise VR/AR: Tim will focus on real-world examples with hard numbers. This will give the audience examples and data from both sides of the table - enterprise users and their suppliers. The more examples with numbers you have, the easier it is for management to convince internal corporate stakeholders to move from pilots to full production rollouts. It's also a valuable sales tool for service providers, demonstrating the potential value of their products/services to customers using real-world results.

Tim Merel is a software engineer, investment banker, lawyer and founder, and one of the most connected people for AR/VR/XR at CEO level. He writes regularly about AR/VR/XR for TechCrunch and others, as well as being interviewed, quoted and presenting across all major media and conferences globally. Before founding Digi-Capital, Tim worked for investment banks, News Corp, and Ernst & Young.

Clare Bond, Senior Director, Epam

Beyond FOMO and fence sitting: Making VR/AR good business. Many businesses are wondering how and when to adopt VR/AR and suffer from the fear of missing out. Others are sitting on the fence, reluctant to commit to a considered internal-facing product. The result is half-baked technical POCs that do little to prove the relevance of VR for enterprise. A Gartner report last year stated "The biggest barrier to the wide adoption of immersive technologies is the lack of good user experience." In this talk I will discuss how we bring design thinking, experience design and service design methodologies to VR/AR to create relevant, needed experiences which demonstrate the value of these technologies for business. 

Clare Bond is UX and Experience Senior Director at Epam. She delivered a robust design vision grounded in user research and delivered projects for clients including Adobe, Samsung, Edmunds, Zoetis, Relay Health. She provides training & future vision projects for VR/AR, and Emotional Analytics and 3DUI research for VR.

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Katy Rupp, Architect, Ghafari Associates

VR/AR: Bridging the Gap between the Intangible and the Built Environment

Virtual reality and augmented reality, like many technologies, began as a concept of experiencing intangible objects and environments digitally. As technology progressed, that concept became a reality and has transformed into a multibillion dollar industry that allows the real world to be virtualized and augmented. In today’s AEC industry, architects, engineers, and owners have to deal with intangible project concepts, such as how people experience time and space in the built environment. This presentation looks at the past, present and future of VR / AR in the AEC industry to address the question of how we can use VR / AR to design and develop environments that produce outcomes that better serve the users that inhabit them.

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Aubrey Tucker, Innovative Technology Developer, Stantec

How immersive experiences change design in AEC The future has happened but most designers and delivery teams are using tools set decades ago. Even BIM has grown profoundly into Digital Twins and common data environments. All of these new delivery paradigms are even further augmented by immersive technology. “Presence” can have its own profound enhancements to the design process and add further value through passive actions within VR/AR. This presentation will cover many of the new advancements within design technology and speak to the benefits of the advancements for practice. Cloud based collaboration and client commentary management will be additional features within the course to discuss the best practices for meaningful dialogue using simply technology.

Aubrey investigates across all architecture and engineering business lines technology change management strategies and proposes business cases to change how Stantec delivers work. He is an Enabler, Technologist, International BIM Speaker, University Lecturer & Revit Expert with an extensive career with skyscrapers, hospitals, schools, airports and technology.

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