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10+ companies featured, 50+ listed

As the world's technology epicenter, Toronto have become hotbeds for VR and AR. VRARA positions companies of all sizes to capitalize on this next major computing platform shift.

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Toronto leads the energy of our vibrant and intelligent VR & AR community. It is made up of thriving digital startups and established businesses from Toronto and the surrounding cities of Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville, Burlington, Markham, New Market, Aurora, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and Owen Sound, to just name a few. Together our Ontario community makes up the VRARA Toronto Chapter.

Our members include those who have businesses developing volumetric capture for entertainment, augmented art designs, VR arcades, augmented humans, AR battle games, VR & AR for real estate, training simulations in VR and AR vCommerce along with retail experiences. We have XR business strategists and computer visionaries and together we make up a strong VR & AR ecosystem in Ontario and in Canada.

Our Chapter has seen an increased interest in VR & AR from individuals, company training purposes, business applications and the need for strategic planning to find the best solutions in a digital world. While the industry has seen struggles with adoption at times, there have also been many experiences of thriving opportunities with early VR & AR development and years of beta testing and idea implementations. What has been remarkable and inspiring is that our VR & AR economy has seen an amazing influx of organic and self-taught job creation, led by enthusiasts who see the future vision and potential of emerging technologies.

Through our Chapter, we have the acknowledged support of our Municipal Government to the VR & AR industry in Toronto and surrounding partner cities. We are also in contact with our Provincial Government to educate the need to implement VR & AR Education into our school curriculum to prepare students for the job talent needed to develop our digital connections in our places of business and work.

In 2019, the Toronto Chapter envisions the growing life of AR & VR for retail, education, entertainment and continues to foster the technology and innovation in all areas of daily life. Building all developments with ethics, best practices and global standards along with certification approval from our Toronto Chapter is important to our community and clients. We look forward to our growing Toronto Chapter full of energetic, passionate talented people who are developing the technologies that will be implemented into education and business case studies, supporting the VR & AR industry in our communities, and leaping into the global ecosystem.

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