ThirdEye Gen Brings X1 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses™ to VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver Sept 21-22

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CEO Nick Cherukuri Selected as Panelist and Speaker for Premiere Industry Event


Princeton, New Jersey – September 18, 2018 – ThirdEye Gen, Inc. today announced that they will showcase their X1 Smart Glasses, a powerful workplace augmented reality (AR) mobile computing device, at the VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver, September 21 and 22. The VR/AR Global Summit is the premier marketplace and conference for industry leaders in immersive technology content, knowledge, and creation.

With more than 20 years of AR development expertise for the U.S. DoD, ThirdEye’s products are transforming the industrial, education and consumer spaces. ThirdEye will exhibit its “See-What-I-See” enterprise software, which enables users to experience the point-of-view of another person through live audio and video communication. Leveraged by over 20 industries, the paired X1 Smart Glasses and software platform offers a hands-free application that places information directly on the screen to assist with complex tasks. Current customers have measured a 30 percent reduction in employee training time specific to this feature.

“We’ve identified a significant opportunity for augmented reality technology in the healthcare and field service industries to simplify everyday tasks and drive innovate on big ideas and goals,” said Nick Cherukuri, President at ThirdEye Gen. “Our straight-out-of-the-box hardware solution pairs with customizable software that meets our customers’ specific needs and delivers on the promise of next-generation visualization.”

The company will showcase the X1 Smart Glasses at the VR/AR Global Summit from Booth #301 at the Parq Vancouver. Cherukuri has also been selected as a panelist for Enterprise Use Cases in VR/AR/MR, moderated by Alan Smithson, at 1:20 p.m. on Sept. 22 (Kitsilano 2 Stage). He will discuss AR and Wearables in a separate talk at 3:40 p.m. (Kitsilano 1 Stage).

ThirdEye’s integrated hardware/software platform gives users a hands-free UI and the equivalent of a 90” HD Screen at 10 feet, along with a 13-megapixel camera, and replaceable batteries for a full work-day of use. The X1 Smart Glasses feature a wide array of applications that make routine and complex tasks far more intuitive for every enterprise, from industrial centers and healthcare to law enforcement.  

Introduced CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the X1 Smart Glasses are available to enterprises and consumers for $999, and are featured in b8ta retail stores in Austin, New York City and San Francisco. For additional information, please visit or contact

To schedule an interview with Nick during the VR/AR Global Summit, please contact Kerry Lynn Bohen at 202.468.8300 and, or Alexa Rogers at 703-584-5632 and

See more and get tickets for the VR/AR Global Summit here