VFS launches new VR/AR Design & Development Program in Partnership with the VR/AR Association and Launch Academy

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Member Vancouver Film School (VFS) announces this innovative new program, one of the only diploma programs of its kind anywhere in the world. The new 8-month VR/AR Development & Design program will bring a new immersive technologies curriculum in virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality to prospective students in April 2019. This exciting new program will allow students to explore and create VR/AR applications in a variety of rapidly evolving sectors including health care, engineering, tech, education, real estate, and entertainment.

VFS has also partnered with the VR AR Association and Launch Academy to ensure that the program is as informed and plugged into industry as possible. The focus of the program is to solve real-world problems in industries where there are needs for immersive technologies. This program will afford students the opportunity to use the Unreal and Unity Game Engines to create VR/AR experiences, from the design and research phase to asset creation, programming, and production.

“Vancouver is at the centre of a booming VR/AR ecosystem that is only getting bigger. As an industry we need to keep the momentum going and part of that is developing top talent. The VR/AR program at VFS will help create the next wave of innovators for the future.”

– Dan Burgar, Vancouver Chapter President, VRARA

In their first term, students will have the opportunity to work on client-led VR/AR initiatives with private and public sector companies and organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. The partnership with VRARA and Launch Academy will help ensure that students are matched with mentors working within the industry of their choice. In their last term, students will be able to create their own projects or continue to work on client-led projects.


“The Launch Academy Team is really excited to partner with VFS and help contribute to the VR/AR Design & Development Program. The opportunities in the VR/AR industry are significant and we have a chance to position Vancouver as a global leader. We are really looking forward to connecting VR/AR companies to top quality talent graduating from Vancouver Film School and also helping the entrepreneurial minded Vancouver Film School students with the execution on their own VR/AR start-ups.”

  • Ray Walia, CEO and cofounder of Launch Academy

VFS is very excited to collaborate with the VR/AR Association and Launch Academy. Partnering with such leading-edge organizations devoted to cultivating up-and-coming talent in the VR/AR industry will definitely set students up for success, and we look forward to seeing what comes of the 8-month program.

“With a projected economic impact of almost $16 billion USD by 2020, VFS wants to position the next generation of VR and AR developers and designers to be industry leaders through this innovative new 8 month diploma program.”

  • Mary Lim, M.Ed., Program Development Manager, Vancouver Film School

Exclusive pricing has been offered to VR/AR Association members and tech incubator Launch Academy for the new VFS VR/AR Design & Development program. This is an early opportunity to become established in this rapidly expanding field. As such, VFS is offering an exclusive price to VRARA members of $19.5k for this 8 month program, saving $2.5k off the standard domestic tuition!

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If you have questions, please reach out directly to:

Gija Williams, Director of Admissions

Phone: 604.685.5808 Ext. 3074

Email: gija@vfs.com

To learn more about this program and see full course details, please go to https://vfs.edu/programs/vrar.