Best Practices for VR & AR in Education (White Paper)

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Carlos J. Ochoa, ONE Digital Consulting


Alan Smithson, MetaVRse

Chad Lewis, Tampa Preparatory School

Dave Room, BALANCE Edutainment

Dave Ternent, HumanEyes

Julie Smithson, MetaVRse

Kris Kolo, VRARA

Mike McCready, Lethbridge College

Mfon Akpan, National Louis University

Steve Bambury, JESS Dubai

Table of Contents




Introduction to the VR/AR Association (VRARA)

The VRARA Education Committee

CHAPTER 1 Future Work Skills, Reimagining Digital Education

CHAPTER 2 VR/AR Educational Ecosystem

2.1 Disruptive Innovation in Education

2.2 VR & AR Definitions

2.4 VR/AR Educational Platforms for Beginners

CHAPTER 3 VR/AR in Education

3.1 Innovation in Education

3.2 Barriers to entry

3.3 Benefits and Values of VR/AR in Education

Chapter 4 VR/AR Educational Content

4.1 Types of VR Content

4.2 Instructional Design and Storytelling in VR Digital Content

4.3 Video 360º as VR Digital Education Content

CHAPTER 5 VR/AR Educational Resources

CHAPTER 6 Case Studies VR/AR in Education

Case Study 1 Learning Resource Centers in MOE Schools (United Arab Emirates).

Case Study 2 How teacher´s use VR to enhance students’ Learning Experience. Stow-Munroe Falls School District (Stow OH).

Case Study 3 Coding in VR. Toronto (Canada). Julie Smithson partner MetaVRse.

Case Study 4 Incorporating VR in the Accounting Classroom. National Louis University (Chicago)

Case Study 5 JESS Dubai. Steve Bambury, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation across JESS Dubai.

Case Study 6 Rutgers Preparatory School in Somerset, New Jersey, United States.

Case Study 7 Implementing a VR creation lab in high school. Chad Lewis (Tampa Preparatory School).

Case Study 8 The Future of Education. Lethbridge College (Alberta, Canada). Mike McCready.

Case Study 9 Alan Smithson (CEO/Co-founder of MetaVRse) in Rumii

Case Study 10 Pacha’s Pajamas. Dave Room (CEO, BALANCE Edutainment)

Case Study 11 Schools of the Future. Miramadrid School. (Spain) Carlos J. Ochoa (CEO ONE Digital Consulting)

CHAPTER 7 Conclusions

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