Best Practices for Advertising + Marketing (White Paper)

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Our Advertising Committee has published these best practices white paper for Advertising & Marketing.


  • Deborah Worrell, EscapeVR

  • Sophia Moshasha, Brightline Interactive, VP VRARA DC Chapter


  • Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab

  • Jamison Tilsner, Sketchfab

  • Reekita Shah Alias Gala

  • Roy Rodenhaeuser, Oath (Verizon)

  • Tyler Gates, Brightline Interactive, President VRARA DC Chapter

  • Kris Kolo, VRARA

Table of Contents

This white paper is broken into the following parts so you can skip to what is of interest to you:

1 Introduction

Definitions: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality

How to Experience Virtual Reality: The VR Spectrum

How to Experience Augmented Reality: The AR Ecosystem

2 Should Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality be Part of Your Marketing and Media Strategy?

VR/AR in Marketing and Advertising

How VR and AR Expand the Opportunity for Brands

Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Virtual Reality

Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Augmented Reality

How Can the Consumer Experience be Measured?

How Brands Should Evaluate VR and AR Opportunities

3 Summary

4 Case Studies

VR: “Insights from Another Reality”, Oath

VR: Toyota Teen Drive 365 Virtual Reality Experience

VR: Cub Cadet- Signature VR Experience

VR: “JEWLR”, Sketchfab

AR: Snapchat AR Ad Campaigns

AR: Yahoo Mail App AR solution (Advertising)

AR: Porsche Augmented Reality (Marketing)

AR: Nike Facebook Messenger AR Campaign

360° Video: Public Service and Advocacy— “The Silent Killer”

360° Video: KFC “Add Hope” Campaign

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