VR/AR Education Sector Report Featuring over 10 Companies and Listing 100+‏

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword

  • ABC Business Academy

  • Global Mindset

  • Lethbridge College

  • LuminaVR

  • MetaVRse

  • ONE Digital Consulting (ONE-VR)

  • Pixvana

  • RealCast

  • Schell Games

  • Sentireal Ltd

  • The Pulse

  • XR Pioneer, Ltd.

  • Other Education Companies (100+ Companies, Schools, etc)


I’m often asked if I truly believe virtual reality can benefit education. I don’t blame people for being somewhat sceptical as VR is so different from traditional forms of media and different can often be intimidating. In fact, VR offers a pretty seismic shift in the way that we access and interact with digital content, so much so that it becomes something you can’t truly understand until you’ve tried it for yourself. As the early-adopters and innovators of the education industry have begun to dabble with this fledgling technology, the consensus has been pretty consistent - this is going to be huge.

The benefits to learning that VR can offer are immense. It has the potential to engage students in an emotive, visceral way as they are engulfed within the learning content. It can foster empathy, allow students topractice skills in a safe, simulated environment or even let them break the rules of physics to harness the impossible. Perhaps most importantly, it has the potential to break down both geographical and financial barriers for schools, allowing them to bring the whole world into their classroom like never before.

Immersive technologies like VR are not just the future of education, they are the future of all digital media interaction and this future is coming faster than many people realise. We have a responsibility to ensure that our students are future-ready and for many of them, platforms like VR will be the standard way that they work, collaborate and communicate. We owe it to them to ensure that they are well-prepared for this exciting future. To that end, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this report from the VR/AR Association which spotlights some of the best, education-focused companies working in the immersive technologies field right now.

— Steven Bambury, Top VR Education Influencer