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NYC is a metropolitan hub for national & international businesses, institutions, and organizations. This report represents the brilliant minds all over the VR/AR ecosystem, from original content creators & creative distributors to innovative hardware companies to ambitious researchers. See NYC Chapter page here

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Forward 1

It’s a thrilling time in the Big Apple for the burgeoning virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industries. New York City is home to a thriving, frenetic, ever growing and spectacularly talented eco-system. It’s alive in all aspects of market drivers across academia, advertising, banking, finance, communication, medicine, movies and television, and Wall Street. Great vision and enthusiasm is driving the creation of new startups, corporate ventures, academic research, medical applications, and entrepreneurial initiatives taken on by technologists and all manner of domain experts building and creating, providing the next generation of applications driving new business and sometimes just plain having fun, enjoying a number of arcades that have popped up across the city. Listed here you will find a wide variety of VR and AR products and services from consumer to enterprise applications that are best in class! Please do check out what we have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

— Adaora Udoji, VRARA NYC Chapter Advisor

Table of Contents

  • Foreward

  • Avatar-Plus

  • Beth Stewart Voice Over - Truth or Dare VO

  • Brave New World

  • Brick Simple

  • Chris Pfaff Tech Media

  • Confideo Labs

  • Hack and Paint

  • Halo Labs

  • Hello World Communications


  • Inception

  • Lampix

  • Live CGI

  • MediaCombo

  • Memetic Arts

  • Nice Shoes

  • NKLS

  • Oblix

  • OffWorld Laboratories

  • Rutgers Prep

  • Sketchfab

  • SMACAR Solutions Inc.

  • SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York

  • TECH+Expo & Forum (produced by The Architect’s Newspaper)

  • ThirdEye

  • Touchstone Research

  • ViuSpace

  • VRSim

  • Other 100+ Companies

Forward 2

The story of immersive and augmenting, wearable computing is going to be one of the most epic business stories of our time. The biggest companies in the world are at the table. The stakes are nothing less than the evolution of humankind. Change happens very slowly, and then all at once. It's an exciting time to be in this industry because no one really knows how this is going to turn out. A vibrant New York tech scene making its presence felt nationally. Our universities are turning out scores of talented engineers and entrepreneurs, ready to create the businesses of tomorrow. No one can change the world or build something of consequence by themselves. The only way to make something happen is to get out of your hole, get out of your social media bubble, and meet actual people in real life who share your vision of how to implement this new immersive media. The VRARA helps you to do that. You are looking at a very valuable networking tool: these are members who have stood up and said they want you to know what they're doing. If you like it, have a question, or think you can help, reach out to them directly. Make a new friend. Learn something. That's what I do all day, and I've never gotten tired of it.

— Charlie Fink, VRARA NYC Chapter Advisor

Forward 3

Before the money and the magazine covers, every tech scene has the same origin story -- a scrappy group of weirdos huddled together, building something strange and wonderful. The NYC VR/AR scene deviates from this only insofar as we're not squatting in garages; alas, that's Manhattan architecture for you. But to call the scene intimate is an understatement -- hit up a handful of meetups and you'll see the same people, passionately talking about their latest creations. And we're all doing it on shoestring budgets, more or less, although we're finally starting to see some big deals and high profile projects come to fruition. What NYC lacks in Hollywood glamour or Silicon Valley VR cash, it makes up for in heart and attitude. The NYC VR/AR scene is vibrant and alive, a core group of true believers hell-bent on changing the way we see the world. In twenty years, when the first round of documentaries are released, we'll all look back on our outfits and cringe, but think about the magic we made, and smile.

— Cortney Harding, VRARA NYC Chapter Advisor

Forward 4

The New York area represents the largest concentration of Fortune 1000 headquarters in the world, and a diverse body of companies. The sheer magnitude of New York's reach in the business world is often incalculable. This is true for the VR/AR industry as well, as hundreds of New York market firms - from headset manufacturers to production companies to software developers - represent both legacy efforts and recently-unveiled initiatives to change the way that people view the world and receive information. From the pharmaceutical corridor of New Jersey to the media rows of Manhattan to defense contractors in Long Island and platform developers in Connecticut, there are myriad numbers of companies that are redefining virtual and augmented experiences. The VR/AR Association's ecosystem report for New York is a thumbnail sketch of the activity represented in the broader market, but will shed light on the sector's growth in the largest market in the United States.

— Chris Pfaff, VRARA NYC Chapter Advisor