Recap of VRARA Japan Chapter

The kickoff event of the Japan Chapter, newly founded as the 38th chapter of the global Association, took place at the FabCafe in Shibuya, Tokyo on July 6th, 2017.

We ran a panel discussion about the future of the VR industry which was moderated by Minoru Hirota from PANORAPRO.


 - Alex Nagayama and Sam Markkanen explained establishment of the Japan Chapter.

 - Dazzle was developing their product called AccessiVR and aims to spread to Asian market, starting from Taiwan.

 - DVERSE launched their product called SYMMETRY this February and it has been downloaded from a total of 84 countries within 30 days after release.

 - started support for PlayStation VR from this April.

 - Best hit VR title of movie earned over 50,000,000 JPY.

 - VR movie section's sales of May were over 200,000,000 JPY.


 - Yasuteru Yamada, CEO of Dazzle Inc.

 - Shogo Numakura, CEO of DVERSE Inc.

 - Hiroki Yamamoto, Corporate Officer of Co., Ltd.

Moderator:  Minoru Hirota, VR journalist of PANORAPRO Inc.

Below are some pictures from our Japan Chapter event:

Source: PANORA, VR Inside