Opinion: The AR Market will be Determined from your ‘Home’

With the launch of Apple’s HomeKit, which enables users to control their HomeKit devices from a singular app; and in tandem with ARKit, Apple is positioned to prove first to market does not always mean best. Like Amazon’s Alexa, Siri powers Apple’s HomePod smart-speaker. The AI behind Siri is what drives the actions and makes life easier for its user. Now that HomeKit makes control of these connected devices ubiquitous, users can do even more daily tasks with less friction. In addition, with the functionality of AR now being developed into Apple’s ecosystem; users can expect more powerful tools inside the ‘Home’ environment beyond the physical. Think of the list of your daily or weekly action items specifically related to your ‘home’ life and then think of the ways a digital solution could merge with the physical all with one click. Now you’re in control. Finally, to piggyback off the rumor-mill, Apple is said to have enhanced depth-sensing AR-focused camera sensors for the next iPhones. It all adds up to one powerful system. A close second is Amazon (which just patented AR for "home use") and we will have to wait and see about Google and Facebook.