The VR/AR Association Partners with Tribeca Film Festival for a Special VR Event

New York, NY - The VR/AR Association is pleased to partner with TriBeCa Film Festival on a special VR event on April 19.

Tribeca Film and Hatchery partner with theVR/AR Association to promote an amazing day of VR innovation and imagination.

“Not only is Richard Branson there with a special film screening and the top woman scientist Regina Dugan former DARPA secret projects and now Google Advanced Projects, but also it’s the largest virtual reality activation event with everyone in the audience experiencing a whole talk in live VR with the top VR creators on stage. This is no regular tech event. This event is about showing you the world of the future today, with CEOs and top innovators. Some of the smartest people doing some of the most amazing things,” says Yao Huang, Managing Partner, the Hatchery.

The mutual partnership has a mission in fostering collaboration in the virtual reality and augmented reality communities. We are both very excited to see the VR community grow.

VRARA members get a special batch of discounted tickets. Use code VR75 for 50% off.

“This VR film event will blow your mind,” says Kris Kolodziej, President of the VR/AR Association NYC Chapter.

Agenda and speakers include:

Jason Kelly, New York Bureau Chief of Bloomberg

Bryan Johnson, OS Fund

Jon Iwata, IBM

Dr. James Canton, Institute for Global Futures

Regina Dugan, Google

Meredith Perry, uBeam

VR Headsets

Felix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphael, Felix & Paul Studios , Inside Story: A Journey Into Virtual Reality

Philip Rosedale, High Fidelity

Derek Belch, STRIVR Labs, Virtual Reality in Sports: Immersive Performance Training and Immersive Entertainment

Sir Richard Branson & Jason Hirschhorn, Daring to Dream

Katherine Oliver: Advisor to Bloomberg Philanthropies and Principal of Media and Technology at Bloomberg Associates

Screening: Don't Look Down

Q&A Sir Richard Branson

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