The NEPTUNE Mission will be using Luxsonic’s VR Medical Imaging System!

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The citizen scientists from NEPTUNE will be testing Luxsonic’s VR medical imaging system during their under sea mission in Florida! They will be simulating a clinical scenario and using our VR medical imaging system to communicate with a radiologist above water. This will be the first test of Luxsonic’s system in an extreme environment and the first international real-time collaboration using VR and medical images!

NEPTUNE mission is an international team of 5 scientist-explorers, a 5-day research endeavor that will take place 20 feet underwater at the Jules Undersea Lodge. Short for “Nautical Experiments in Physiology, Technology & Underwater Exploration,” the NEPTUNE mission will take advantage of Jules' isolated, confined, and extreme (ICE) environment to test our VR medical imaging system, SieVRt, in a simulated clinical scenario.

The crew consists of:

● Commander Dr. Joseph Dituri (USA), biomedical researcher and retired US Navy Commander;

● Executive Officer Paul Bakken (USA), logistics coordinator and former Army officer;

● Medical, Health & Safety Officer, Dr. Shawna Pandya (Canada), physician and researcher;

Mission partners include Nutrition Solutions, BORP, the Association for Marine Exploration, the International Board of Undersea Medicine and the International Association for Nitrox Divers and Technical Divers.