Learn from others in our Community! Recap from our Training Committee Conference Call

Come meet our Training Committee at the VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1-2

Our Training Committee meets via conf calls/web every 2 weeks and participants share their lessons learned, challenges, and success stories. Join us on our next call! Email info@thevrara.com

For example, below is a quick recap (of what we can share publicly) of what the conf call participants are working on:

Julie Smithson: XR Ignite received over 180 applications, ~30 companies in the general area of training.

David Trainor: Completed project on VR-based training around data visualisation for high-value manufacturing.

Mike Wesolowski: Preparing for NEPTUNE mission. An international team of 5 scientist-explorers has announced the launch of the NEPTUNE MIssion, a 5-day research endeavor that will take place 20 feet underwater at the Jules Undersea Lodge. Short for “Nautical Experiments in Physiology, Technology & UNderwater Exploration,” the NEPTUNE mission will take advantage of Jules' isolated, confined, and extreme (ICE) environment to test our VR medical imaging system, SieVRt, in a simulated clinical scenario. 

Marlo Brooke: AR training system for US Coastguard boats (engine maintenance). System is now in production.

Ryan Chapman: Crisis scenario training for women’s hospital. For Women's Hospital, we're developing 6 training scenarios dealing with obstetric crisis scenarios. The goal is to augment simulation training for anesthesiologists and nurses, which is currently very time-consuming and expensive.

María Calvo Garrido: Immersive training. Hardware focus for training welders. Certification from welder’s associations.

Ramesh Verma: Working on 3 conferences. International Medicon (teleheath). Army Design Bureau. Patent program in Bangalore. All events have education/training focus.

Join us on our next call! Email info@thevrara.com