VR/AR Global Summit: Enterprise program highlights for Nov 1&2: Lenovo, Walmart, Microsoft, Boeing, HTC, Raytheon

For more info, see the event’s website here vrarglobalsummit.com

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On Nov 1 & 2 in Vancouver, the VR/AR Global Summit will bring together industry frontrunners from around the world to discuss the present and future of VR/AR for the enterprise.

Below is our initial schedule & highlights for industrial topics & use cases, including manufacturing, training, military, energy, and more:

Nov 1st:

  • 9am-5pm Mainstage Keynotes from Lenovo, Magic Leap, Mastercard and more.

  • 11am-7pm Expo featuring Microsoft, Lenovo, Pico, VirtualWare, Theorem Solutions, Trivantis, Varjo, and many more!

  • 12-5pm Workshops featuring Lenovo, Magic Leap, HTC, Unity, Microsoft, and more.

Nov 2nd:

  • 9am-5pm — Track: Enterprise Uses of VR/AR. Talks by Siemens, US Navy, Boeing, Amazon, HP, IT People Group, IBM, Walmart, HTC

  • 9am-5pm Workshops featuring Lenovo, Magic Leap, HTC, Unity, Microsoft, and more.

  • 9am-5pm Expo Open

About the VR/AR Global Summit

This world-class conference and expo will welcome 1000+ Executives, 120+ Speakers and 70+ Exhibitors from leading companies like Lenovo, Microsoft and so many more. With over 230 companies active in VR/AR, Vancouver is the 2nd largest immersive ecosystem in the world. This is the 4th time the show is happening in Vancouver and this year’s Global Summit will have a strong focus on Enterprise and AR.

About VR/AR Association

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international organization designed to facilitate collaboration between innovative companies and people in the VR and AR ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies. Over 4000 companies, brands, school and 27,000 professionals are registered with VRARA and 20 committees are working on best practices and guidelines for the industry. Learn more at thevrara.com