WordPress Lessons: Applicable for VR? What can we learn from WordPress to boost the VR content market

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What can we learn from WordPress to boost the VR content market?

Content Management Systems today look nothing like they did several years ago. They have completely changed the world of websites, and because of them creating online content is no longer a magic power exclusive to developers. We are about to experience the same changes for more immersive technologies such as VR, AR, and MR. The ingredients are all there for the new market to surge, but it lacks structure: there are game engines like Unity and Unreal, dozens of platforms for VR/AR creation without programming skills like BrioVR, and platforms for quick and easy VR management like Varwin. What doesn’t exist (yet) is one clear approach that allows anyone to create VR/AR content. This is exactly what Content Management Systems have enabled with the growth of WordPress.

How can we apply the concept of CMS to VR/AR content creation?

There are some VR CMS tools on the market today. At this point, most of them allow managing 360 videos and using 3D objects. They give some flexibility, but not enough freedom to create complex scenarios and interactive stories. Most of the VR CMS or drag-n-drop tools today are just like landing page tools from years ago: they give a taste of how the future could look, allowing you to dip your toe into the innovation pool but preventing you from diving deeper. Unlike VR CMS tools, Reality Management Systems will allow creating projects with complex logics in both VR and AR, or whatever these will be called in a few years.

How can we repeat the CMS success story with RMS tools?

The main features of WordPress include plugin architecture and a template system. The closest tool to WordPress in the XR world is the Varwin platform. Just like in WordPress, it has an interface-like template system, where users can manage content without writing a single line of code - only instead of web themes Varwin houses VR scenes and objects. Plugin architecture in WordPress enables extended features and functionality for websites. Instead of this, Varwin has a plugin for Unity, which allows for adding new logics, interactivity, scenes, and objects that can be used in the future. This part usually requires some code as it creates the basis for non-coding users.

The power of community

“We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely” — says the WordPress mission statement. This statement is more than applicable to the XR ecosystem. Once we have an engaged community and a good user interface for VR platforms, everything else will work automatically. Sharing stories in VR and AR just like you share your Instagram stories, creating VR business projects in minutes — this all is just around the corner. Reality Management Systems are already here to boost the XR market. Now is your chance to become part of this revolution.

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