FounderTalk: Idea Behind Varwin for Virtual Reality is to enable easy creation of VR experiences

Alex Dovzhikov, the founder of Varwin, shares the idea behind Varwin Reality Management System:

“I believe that the world changes when people gain control of the information they own, instead of relegating it to a programmer. One day creating VR experiences will become as easy as creating websites with WordPress, Tilda or Wix. And I am talking about difficult projects with complicated scenarios and logics: in some years everyone will be able to create a professional VR training, an educational course, an adventure game or a new world with its own rules and storylines.

The USP of Varwin is the simplicity that allows to build and manage any professional VR project. There are various VR tools on the market: engines, drag-and drop tools for casual users, SDKs and plugins. Unlike engines, Varwin allows developers to produce reusable VR projects, which makes it an easier and faster tool. Unlike simple drag-and-drop tools for casual users, Varwin allows to manage and create a much more difficult scenario with much more interactivity.

Here are the 3 tips Alex would give to other startup founders:

1, Planning is way more important than plans themselves. This process brings a lot of insights and creates a knowledge base that is even more important than plans. If you haven’t planned it, most probably it will not be done.

2. Work with people, not companies or projects. When you see your clients, investors, and employees as partners and find the right people, everything works out better than you would normally expect.

3. Try and test: it’s better to fail once than stay in doubt forever.”

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Come see Varwin at the VR/AR Global Summit Nov 1-2 in Vancouver !