Scape Technologies launches Technology to Power the Next Generation of AR with Computer Vision

Hyper-accurate location, powered by computer vision.

Scape is harnessing AI to allow camera devices to recognize their surroundings, outdoors and at an infinite scale.

Computer vision startup Scape are developing the infrastructure that will allow computers to perceive and understand the environment around them, using a camera. Scape has recently launched technology that allows mobile phones to seamlessly mix the virtual and real worlds, by enabling camera devices to be located to centimetre-level accuracy from a single image. Soon we’ll be seeing games similar to Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto -- but played across the city rather than in online worlds. And London is the first city in the world to get the service.

The potential of this new infrastructure has already got some of the largest telecoms and handset manufacturers excited as they race to make the most of the potential of the new 5G mobile broadband services.

This is the first stage of Scape Technology’s mission to unify the real and virtual worlds, by enabling machines to understand their physical surroundings. Unlike satellite-based GPS, Scape’s technology allows any camera device to be located with centimetre-level accuracy across the city centre from a single image.

This technology has the potential to unleash a whole new industry of mixed reality applications, with London at its heart. Because the technology allows a device to understand it’s real world position to a greater degree of accuracy than existing methods, augmented content can be anchored to exact locations. This allows a user to experience persistent content, paving the way for never-before-possible use cases; be that the next Pokemon Go of AR gaming; allowing architects to visualise their designs standing tall in the skyline or enabling a new-age of interactive tourism experiences.

Scape’s SDK- ScapeKit is now openly available for use across central London. Developers can sign up for access at ...and it’s FREE

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