An Augmented Reality Engine Comes to Life with Avatar's SimplifyXR

True Story! Using SimplifyXR, the AVATAR Partners Team developed an Augmented Reality Engine Maintenance Application for a Patrol Boat in just a few hours.

Since we did not have the CAD drawing of the engine, we used our 3D Lidar Scanner (which took 3 minutes). From there, Dan Kelton (Multimedia Lead) generated a rendering of the Engine.

He then used SimplifyXR to build the Engine AR Experience that comes to life. The user can see the maintenance task, and validate the task accuracy, using a Microsoft Hololens, phone or tablet. The application overlays onto the Engine with an accuracy of 1/8th of an inch, while the user moves in, out and around the engine. If the engine is not readily available, his AR Application displays a high-fidelity virtualized engine, through which the user can use the experience.

Dan built the application at our AVATAR Partners US headquarters and Showcase Office in Huntington Beach, CA, just 3 miles from the ocean. If you're in the area, you must come see our Showcase Office and get a tour of the latest Augmented Reality applications and products.

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