Varwin Begins Open Beta for VR Reality Management System aimed at streamlining the workflow between developers and clients

Varwin RMS (Reality Management System) has announced its VR creation and
management platform aimed at streamlining the workflow between developers and clients. This software allows developers to create high-quality VR projects that anyone can manage. Until now, that task was only accessible to highly-trained developers due to the complexity of VR technology.

Varwin makes it easy for clients to make small changes themselves. This is achieved thanks to the drag-and-drop logic interface based on Google’s Blockly visual language that presents coding concepts as interlocking blocks. The internal logic of objects is created by the community of developers in Unity and then transferred into Varwin for simple drag-and-drop management. Logic schemes, scenes and objects can be reused, so every creator contributes to the development of the platform and simplifies creation for other users.

For more info contact Anna Salova