Enterprise AR: Hear from ExxonMobil, Fidelity, Intel, Julabo, Lenovo, Accenture

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VRARA Enterprise Summit at LiveWorx

The premier event for industrial VR/AR applications

Presentations and demonstrations will include topics on AEC, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Training, and much more.

The VRARA Enterprise Summit, hosted by the VR/AR Association, will take place on June 10th at the LiveWorx digital transformation conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The full-day event will bring together the best minds in VR/AR from across the globe. Presentations from industry leaders will include topics on AEC, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Training, UX & Design, and much more. LiveWorx is the world's most respected conference for the enterprise to experience the most innovative and disruptive technologies — VR/AR, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, robotics and much more. 6500+ attendees are expected. LiveWorx is June 10-13.

JULABO is the world's leading experts in temperature control systems.

Lenovo - Sivan Iram, XR Business Development Manager North America, will talk about the newly announced ThinkReality Platform and ThinkReality A6 AR headset.

Fidelity - Matthew will present VR education and training modules for multiple business units

Intel - Raj’s keynote will be about proposing VR, AR or MR into any enterprise environment can raise eyebrows within business units, IT operators and Finance teams. There are lots of questions and there always concerns around viability and efficacy. As company that drives technology enablement in the enterprise segment for MNCs, large scale businesses and SMB shops, Intel has been right in the center of the tremendous growth of technology. Intel has seen first-hand the successes and failures of enterprise and scale deployments of new technology. Come listen to Raj Puran, Director of XR Business Development and former IT Systems Engineer  from Intel Corporation share the experiences Intel has had in deploying new technology to the enterprise like VR and AR and how to build customer confidence.

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