Call for Participation in our UK VR/AR Ecosystem Report. Over 100+ to be listed!

If you are interested to be featured in this report or sponsor it, email

The VR/AR Association is working on a report that will highlight VR/AR companies, Universities, and organizations involved in VR/AR in the UK. If you are interested in being featured in this report or to sponsor, please email

UK has the second largest video gaming industry in Europe, the fifth largest in the world, and is responsible for the release of some famous games including the Tomb Raider series. The U.K. also has a broad-minded attitude to job employment: university graduates are not tied to jobs relating to their degree programme and complete career changes are not unusual, creating an atmosphere of openness, exploration and flexibility. Together, this has all helped build interest in and experimentation with emerging technologies like VR/AR.

The report will specifically highlight the following:

  • Size of the local ecosystem market

  • Number of relevant companies in the ecosystem

  • List of companies and company info (size: number of employees, revenue; vertical, customers)

  • Reasons why company is based in the local ecosystem

  • Needs and hopes from and for the ecosystem

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And, below is a sample infographic that will be included in this report, which is generated by our Directory (so please make sure you are registered and your company info including logo is up to date.)

If you have any questions or are interested in being featured in this report or to sponsor, please email

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