Call for Presenters for our Retail & eCommerce Webinar

Our Retail & eCommerce Committee is inviting speakers for a Webinar we are planning for May. Please email if you’re interested to present! Let us know if you’re also interested in Sponsoring this webinar.

The Committee’s mission is to provide awareness and education for Retailers on how to utilize VR/AR technology to interact, transact and educate customers. Integrating this technology into a consumer-focused strategy can help increase customer experience and growth while reducing churn and returns. Moreover, this technology can be utilized to help retail employees retain information, use as a guided selling tool with customers and prepare for certain situations that are hard to duplicate in real life to limit risks to themselves or the company.

The VR retail market is expected to rise to $1.6B by 2025, and AR could reach $30B in sales.  The retail industry is expected to spend $1B in 2017 on VR/AR solutions. Driven by a 5-year CAGR of 240%, forecasts show that retail could become the top industry for VR/AR spending by 2020.

Join our Committee and representatives from tech, startups, retailers, and other industry leaders testing new forms of AR and VR used in-store and out-of-store to enhance and analyze purchase behavior.  More info here